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FDP, FCP, R-ROLL - why the abbreviations????

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  • FDP, FCP, R-ROLL - why the abbreviations????

    Originally posted by big_deuce View Post
    Hey guys,
    Im pretty basic when it comes to the speed bag,
    And i see you guys describe different combos, but i cant put the words to a picture. Some of the ways to hit the speed bag are abbreviated, and im alittle confused.
    Can anyone hook me up on what it is some of ya'll are talkin about
    Thanks !

    4 way out?= what? lol
    Hi Big_Deuce.

    I would apologive for the speed bag technique and combo "abbreviations" which may appear to be confusing, but it is really the only way for us to pass on specific punching/elbow striking techniques and combination information examples. If we did not use abbreviations, the wording would be way too long and complicated. Those of us familiar with The Speed Bag Bible and it's system can more easily pass on ideas and combinations between each other.

    Good luck and welcome to the club. With a little time, you'll be writing combo's yourself!
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