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    I am saddened to announce the recent loss of a long time friend and great speed bag enthusiast. Some eight or nine years before this forum I had a long and strong friendship with Ben Kniffen, a locksmith at the University of Delaware. An early user of my Book and Video (vhs version) he wrote a letter to me that launched numerous phone calls and a host of VHS tapes being sent back and forth. We didn't have youtube, tik tok or instagram. Just letters, wired phones and VHS video. He sent me a total of three VHS video's showing his speed bag workshop and inventions, including boards and poles. He was the first I saw put a large light pole into a tire, file it with cement and role it outside. a genious with locks, he had created a way to attach the board to the pole secured with electric magnet locks, like they use on doors at the university. One video was so original at the time, that I posted it years ago on my Youtube page.

    As often happens, over the years we lost contact. But I never forgot him or his early support for the speed bag. He used his portable tire-pole to teach kids in his neighbor hood and wore his portable kit around campus. Had he been in better health I suspect he would have attended and loved our Speed Bag Gatherings.

    I was only aware of this because he wife called me the other day informing me of his passing - and wanting to have the listing to the above video, for she had "heard of it" but could not find it. She also was hoping that I might have any of the video vhs tapes he had sent, for she has none featuring his voice. I have found one and am looking for the others.

    This is the hardest part of growing old. losing friends, family and pets we love. But he was a powerful light in the early days of my speed bag journey and I am very glad we met.

    He was one of us.

    Ben Kniffen

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    Amazing tribute Alan. So nice you have a copy of his voice for his loved ones to enjoy. May Ben Rest In Peace


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      Sounds like a man who was enjoying his Journey through life to its fullest and the Journey is EVERYTHING. I understand the feeling of some sort of hollowness that you have dwelling inside but that voided is only there because he was someone who walked with you on your Journey and that is something to rejoice in. Truly sorry for your lose, but so happy you and so many more had him on their journey as well.


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        Sorry to hear the news - but we can all appreciate what Ben helped bring to the speed bag community - whether on the Internet or not.


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          Prayers go out to his family, He sounded like a great guy to be around, and full of life, May Ben rest in peace.


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            Here is the first post on the forum introducing Ben. It was posted by AK and part of a thread started by Skunk back in 2008.


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              Condolences to the family and all who knew him.


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                Sad news...but awesome video & tribute. The only other thing he needed was a pair of roller skates!!
                RIP fellow bagger, RIP.
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                  I am so glad you have the video to share with Ben’s family, I mean that to me would be the world!, always Awesome Alan! I talked to Ben and felt the same thing as Alan and Ben and I being inventors would talk hours away so easy it seemed. Thank you for introducing me ALan. All an honor. May you be at rest Ben
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