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  • FDP'FDP'FDP is a F-ROLL ???

    Originally posted by BillyMack View Post
    FDP is both fists striking the bag from the front with one rebound between the fists - done in one smooth motion.

    Fist roll is each fist striking the bag alternating between fists with one rebound in between. This is a perpetual, continuous technique vs. the FDP which is simply 2 strikes of the bag.

    There will always be one rebound after you strike the bag.

    I have the book and all 4 DVDs. I've accessed the DVDs a lot more often than the book. I keep the Bible and my Title catalog near my toilet (sorry, Alan) and am fortunate enough to have a portable DVD player so I can watch the DVDs out in my garage. If I had to choose one I'd go with the DVD. The Bible is more of a textbook or reference book while the DVD is more "instructional"
    HAA!! that's a scream. No apology needed. I keep a few by the toilet myself. ( just in case the roll runs out...) Actually, It that is my "editing desk".

    Originally posted by jaguiler View Post
    ok then so doing the FDP'FDP'FDP'FDP'FDP is the same a doing a front fist roll. right ?
    Actually, this could be YES and NO.

    YES, the fist sequence of "continuous punching with ONE rebound inbetween" is the same as a Front Fist Roll.

    But NO for several reasons:- First, the Fist Positions of doing FDP can change, and it is very difficult to do FDP 'FDP if your second fist in the FDP is in Front Straight Punch Position. Second, the swing motions of doing the F-ROLL are much easier then, with raised elbows and rolling the fists over each other. Doing it as you wrote is actually an advanced front combination combination, and not easy to do repetitively for five or six times.
    Third, the SOUND of your combo FDP ' FDP ' FDP 'FDP (Four FDP with one rebound in between) would be completely different from a Front Fist Roll. In a Fist Roll, all the rebounds will be equal and sound very even. In the FDP combo, the second fist to hit the bag in each Double Punch will be slightly louder - for it is an actual punch, where the lead fists in your combo will have little or no force.

    The sounds in writing would be: (* BOLD is sound emphasis)

    Front Fist Roll: (F-Roll) R ' L ' R ' L ' R ' L

    Advanced Front Double Punching Combo: (FDP) L' R ' R ' L ' L ' R ' R ' L

    A fourth difference can be seen in the fist orders above: in the F-ROLL, your fist are continously alternating, L-R-L-R..... In the FDP combo, notice the second fist has to hit twice in a Row L-R ' R-L

    Originally posted by jaguiler View Post
    ....except usually you combine the FDP with something else like FDP ' SDP ' OES - I think I got it - it's just semantics then....

    Wow, did you make up an incredible advanced punching combination. It also demonstrates why the BOOK is soooo important. There are NO symbols, abbreviations or methods to write speed bag combinations in the video's. All of this comes from the book, and allows US to communicate in "speed bag-ese" in text.

    Let's break this combination down down, step-by-step.

    FDP ' SDP This would actually be a super advanced fist punching combination, with FOUR punches in the combo ( R-L ' L-R The fourth fist: :R is from the side and connects in a Side Single Punch SSSP) Position. ). Three punches hit from the front of the bag with one rebound in between., and the fourth would come in from the side.

    It looks like this:

    R-L ' L-R

    Try doing the above combo with Three rebounds inbetween. FDP ' ' ' SDP ( It is much easier )

    SDP ' OES is extremely difficult, if not impossible to do on ONE rebound. Think about the direction of the fists and the bag. The second fist of the SDP hits the side of the bag and will put the First Rebound on the wrong side of the board for the Elbow of that fist to hit after one rebound.
    The combo would be:

    L-R ' R-??
    SDP ' OES

    Try it with either two or four rebounds.

    For those that know... Try this: (SDP) ' ' (O-TES)
    or (S-TES) ' ' (S-TES)

    All of the above Text, if you understand it, is only possible by understanding the technique names and written abbreviations, which are only found in the Speed Bag Bible Book. It is also the main reason why I wrote the Book - to have a reliable and consistent method to write down what I punched. I could not remember all the techniques and combination possibilities without some way to do that, let alone tell someone else. Before the age of Video, the written word was the only way. How would Mozart Beethovan or Brahms had passed on their gift of music, without a way to put music in writing? They had no video cameras. Learning to read music, certainly the music these composers wrote, is time consuming, but if you want to hear their music, someone has to know how to read it. And someone needs to know how to write it.

    The book will allow YOU to write down YOUR OWN combinations. When you have the Eureka moment under the board, when (by mistake..) your fists do something you've never done before and you go "wow - what did I just do?" Then you can write it down, and remember how to do it again. It took me over 5 years to develop that system. Create names, figure rebounds, Fists, elbows etc. But it works.

    And you guys are proving it, posting written combo's on the 'net so we can talk about them.... thanks.

    jaguiler, send me a PM, and I'll get ya a deal on the Book. Keep it handy. in the bathroom next to the toilet
    Speed Bag

    Put a little Rhythm in YOUR workout!
    *attendee: Every SB gathering so far!
    The Quest Continues...
    Hoping for another Gathering...


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