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    Originally posted by Tim View Post
    Yes, you are on the right track.

    On the front to back linking , you're "drawing the 8" a bit too much , or at least that is how it appears from this camera angle. "Drawing the 8" means you are tracing a figure 8 pattern with your fist, dipping it under to clear the bag and then bringing it back up again. Try to concentrate on moving the fist straight through the bag. The exaggerated figure 8 motion wastes too much motion and will limit your speed.

    The downard elbow looked fine, as did the single outside elbow. It's hard to give much more feedback on the elbows as there are only a few scattered amongst the video.

    Here's a few video tips in general

    1. The frame rate on your camera seems a bit low - also the sound seems to be off - makes it hard to give real detailed feedback.
    2. The angle makes it a bit difficult as well, the camera pointing up catches too much light from the sky. I set my video camera on a 6' ladder (on the paint bucket shelf thing) to get it at the right height.
    3. You can get more video tips here:

    It is always better if you post a shorter clip that focuses on one technique or combination, repeat it several times. Show it in slow motion - if possible

    Hope that helps - post more clips and we'll give you all the feedback you can handle
    I completely agree with Tim's comments. Can't add much to it other than explain how to intrepret what is happening.

    Tim said you are "drawing the 8" pretty big on the fist pass through. Yes, it appears you are, but I really think that is because you are still contacting the front of the bag on a slightly downward angle, rather than straight into the belly. Due to the upward filming angle it is trick to see, but watch as the fist comes "down" into the bag, then comes back "UP" from the reverse side. Also watch how high your fist goes up in the front before you punch. Try to make the belly of the bag the highest point of your circling motion - so you can hit straight into the bag.

    Also, the sound is off. OK, no problem. to make a determination on issues that concern the sound of the bag (loudness and consistency of each punch - consistency of punching speed - and swivel sounds of contact), simply replay the clip with your eyes closed. Your ears will tell you what is happening.

    (* The video is always slightly ahead of the audio. When you see an error on the bag, or a breakdown, listen for the bag sound when it happens a moment later. )

    On your errors, (Dakota) I hear a distinctive "clang" as the bag is driven upward into the swivel. When you hear that sound - either your fist is moving in a upward direction, not straight, or you made contact below the belly of the bag, setting off and upward rebound angle, much like a cut shot in billiards.

    but your speed and consistency sound pretty good. Perhaps reduce your arm motion in the front circle punching a bit, especially when you do 4 or 5 with the same arm. Large arm motions, indicating more shoulder movement, usually leads to a downward angle of the fist contact.
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