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Arc swivel?

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  • Arc swivel?

    Does anyone know where I can get an Arc swivel? I don't see it on eBay?. Also what would you guys say is the best ball/hook swivel? The Arc seems pretty nice, seems like a lot of people are using it. I just started using an old Everlast ball swivel and I find I'm able to do a fist roll a heck of a lot better and easier. I'm still not good at it yet though, lol

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    Don’t bother, the guy only caters to a small clique of people in his immediate circle, he doesn’t respond to posts , emails, private messages on IG either. IMO , other swivels will do the job just fine. This is just my personal experience with attempts to make contact, some messages were just general questions.

    the people that will come to his defense here will be a small group as mentioned above. Him not taking the time to help a kid or even respond shows his true character.

    “ It’s not what we do when people are watching, it’s what we do when they are not “


    (little Mark’s dad)
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      Too many negative waves......


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        He sold those to benefit dogs.

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