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Thoughts on hitting small bags (6x4, etc.)

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  • Thoughts on hitting small bags (6x4, etc.)

    Originally posted by kelvinhkt View Post
    ...As I have a 6"x9" speed bag, so I think get one more speed bag in smaller/ smallest size is reasonable for me. (I am MuayThai practicer in HK, and want to training my punch speed and hand-eye coordination, so I want to have a smaller speed bag)
    A smaller bag for you will help develop quicker repetitive punching "speed" but at some point you will be sacrificing a bit of punching force, particularly repetitive punching force. On the small bags listed below (particularly smaller than 8x5) you will learn to adapt your punching for the smaller lighter bag but that is a speed bag adaption that might not serve you well in the ring, where you are hitting a much heavier, harder object. My point is, you can certainly rack up quick hit "points" in the ring with repetitive punches learned on these smaller bags, but the time will come when you want to bring that harder shot, which will require more fist distance and full force exertion which these smaller, lighter bags just won't allow. The argument will be made that power comes from speed, and therefore going faster produces more power, and that's true to a point with the speed bag, but I (my opinion only) have found that I could ever go full bore, all out power punching on any bag smaller than 8x5. training to "modify" your punching technique required to hit the teeny tiny bags might be fine for a speed bag workout, but for the serious ring competitor, I would counsel against it. But again, that is just my opinion. I know a thing or two about speed bags, but nothing about what you are facing in the ring. For my own experience with boxers (although limited) I do not know many boxers or trainers that recommend going to the smallest, lightest speed bags.

    If you DO go for the smallest bag, then one adaption I would suggest is to step back away from the bag in the normal speed bag stance, to make the contact further out during your arm extension. Most of us stand close to the bag, allowing the fist(s) to pass through easily with very little arm extension. This position allows the hands to continuously move around the bag with very little full arm extension, which is harder on the shoulders (which would have to support the weight of the arm extended). Consider in the Ring you probably would not be this close continuously to your opponent. If you move away from the bag, it will make your bag contact further out in the punch, adding a bit of distance for fist travel and the power that comes with that extra distance. It will also make your repetitive punching on a small bag more realistic to your needs in the ring. Also, use your ring fighting stance to practice combinations on the small bag from your normal fighting distance. this may let you add more full power punching to your small bag training.

    Originally posted by kelvinhkt View Post
    ...If I want a speed bag can be provided a fast rebound, which bag you would suggestion in following?
    1. Top contender 4"x7" or 5"x8" (inexpensive price very attractive)
    2. Grant Campeon (don't know small size diamension, and the price very high)
    3. Everlast -6"X4" XS (This one seems is selling in HK, I have to check that)
    4. Title - 8"x5" (Most members here love this speed bag)
    Thank you
    1. Stick with 8x5
    2. Not recommended. I sent mine to Skunk.
    3. possibility. I have not hit it.
    4. recommended. also their Classic 8x5, which is less expensive and a bit smaller than their yellow bag.

    Good luck.
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