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Kangaroo hide bags?

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  • Kangaroo hide bags?

    Hey Tim,

    For most of my speed bag career (starting "officially" in 1971), I hit this model 9x6 Everlast 4200. Back then, these models had a "flat welt" (vertical strip where panels are connected), with no external seam - not the red beaded plastic seam. Then it went to a "leather strip" welt, and eventually the present day red plastic seam.

    My experience with this bag is evident. It is the bag seen on the Cover of The Speed Bag Bible. This picture was shot in 1994. The bag in that shot was about 5 or 6 years old.

    You can also see it on my website Banner and scroll down page to pictures with black bag.

    I have not purchased any of these bags lately, so I cannot say what their present day quality is like, but I can tell you this has been my gold standard for speed bag shape.

    Two things I really like about it. First, a nice teardrop shop. short and fat. Second, the small connection loop at the top. I HATE long loops on the present day bags of other manufacturers, and see no reason for it. It makes the bag longer, they elongate the rebound arc. The everlast pro series of bags always had a very small, low loop.


    Actually, because of YOU and this forum, I have recently discussed the history of this bag. on your speed bag links topic, you have a link to a "Kangaroo speed bag". I thought I would order a few and give them a try. I had a few questions, so I called the company, and actually spoke to the owner, Mr. John Golomb - The Sports Doctor.

    Turns out, he is the Grandson of the founder of Everlast, and spent his whole life manufacturing their equipment, including this bag. Their are various links on his website describing this history. He told me about the demise of the ballhook #4440 swivel, also. ( had a long talk about that...) I told him I loved the designs of the Everlast pro bags. Since he had such inside knowledge of their design and manufacturing (hand made in NYC), he is going to send me a few kangaroo versions and let me give them a try. Apparently they can customize shape and size, loop etc. as needed, along with various types of leather and bladders.

    As we spoke, I had him look at this forum, and showed him your "links" post, as well as directed him to speedbagcentral. Needless to say, he was very excited about all this, as was I - (for the possibility of a future two piece ball hook revival. no promises, but he did make them back in it's heyday when a good ballhook could last for many years and not have the metal flake off.)

    I am in hopes of posting a review of the custom made Kangaroo bags in the future. They are making a large Baseball glove order right now (it's a small custom fabrication operation. All items Hand made, low inventories. It's a growing business. I'm looking forward to possibly having direct input with a real live speed bag manufacturer, especially one with his level of experience.)

    You and this forum may yet influence speed bag history. You gotta believe
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