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Update on Deville Swivels -Dec. 2012

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  • Update on Deville Swivels -Dec. 2012



    I just want anyone reading this thread to know that I sold the last Deville A-51 on December 20, 2012. Thanks to all of you who have ordered one.

    NOTE: I have a limited supply of A-51's in the "Seconds" drawer in the workshop. They are fully functional, but they're the un-pretty ones. The swivel base has a blemish, or maybe even a typo on it. I hand-stamp the name into the base, and every once in awhile, I would stamp an upside-down letter or something. If you really want this particular style, I usually offer these at a discount.

    BUT, we have re-designed our other swivel – the No.13.
    It will be available for purchase on a very appropriate date:
    (January 13, 2013).

    You are welcome to email me before January 13th and I can put you on the Waiting List.

    Here is the re-vamped No.13 swivel.
    Because of the simpler design, I am able to offer it for less!

    You can contact me through the forum via Private Message,
    BUT, the best way to contact me is through my Deville Swivel email address:

    Bag on!!!

    __________________________________________________ _______

    Previous update:

    DEVILLE No. 13 Swivel

    I shipped out the last A-51 Deville today. It went to Chicago, but its final destination will be Norway. This was my first order to this country. If you're on the forum, John B., thanks, for the order.

    We are out of both the Deville A-51 swivel and No. 13's at this time.

    We are taking a Winter Break from production for a few weeks while we wait for some supplies to come in. I'm afraid our brass ball order is lost in the Christmas mail.

    It looks like it will be early January 2013 before we will have another batch ready. I'll keep you all posted of our progress.
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    I lost my brass balls. Christmas mail had nothing to do with it. So sad.
    "He [Marciano] was far and away the strongest man I've encountered."

    Archie Moore


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      Originally posted by Bag Man View Post
      I lost my brass balls. Christmas mail had nothing to do with it. So sad.

      waiting for the drum roll on this one..
      Speed Bag

      Put a little Rhythm in YOUR workout!
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        Glad I made the cutoff!


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          A-51 just touched down on Christmas Eve, thanks Ms Deville for the rapid fire shipping and unparalleled professionalism.


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            Me too

            I also got mine and installed it Sunday, then I realized my platform wasn't big enough, only 17 inches in diameter. An ebay purchase that was okay to start, but definitely needed changed. I went to the local building supply and saw they had pre-cut 1 full inch thick 24 inch diameter rounds made of laminated hardwood. I screwed and glued it onto a 3/4 inch plywood round, also precut to 24 inches. I have to ceiling mount mine to the rafters in my garage. After a lot of bracing it is pretty solid. It's not pretty but then neither is my garage, my house is 100 years old and I'm sure the garage is the same.

            The Deville 51 has made a lot of difference and I'm already starting to progress. Thanks Dee.



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              Fedora, can you post pics of your new drum, I'm planning on doing the same with a vertical speedbag wall mount. Thanks


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                I'm new to the forum so I'll have to review the sticky on how to post pics. The old platform came with a center mounted metal post flanged on both ends for mounting. I removed it off the old platform and installed it on the new one. It vibrated quite a bit so I had to really jerry rig the bracing onto the old rafters to quiet it down. It's kinda ugly but it does work. Give me some time and I'll figure out the picture posting. I'm still going to paint it when the weather warms up so it won't be so ugly.



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                  I'm new as well, welcome to the forum. Necessity is the mother of invention, and JERRY-RIGGED is her son.


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                    These ceiling mount platforms tend to be very solid. I hired Jerry and his mom to rig a sturdy wall mount unit that was attached to a weak porch wall at a rental house we have. Made a huge difference. You can set your gold watch on top of the drum and not worry about it while bagging.

                    I'm convinced the beginner speed bagger needs the most solid platform obtainable but often doesn't get one. That's unfortunate. A solid platform is a thing of joy to punch under.


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                      Whoa...them swivs look good! I like the packaging too! can tell i'm lazy when i ship mine. Good job Deville! Get back to swivel making...the world can never have enough!


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                        Great new design. I will be ordering one for sure... I love that name No. 13! My favorite lucky number.

                        I will contact you after your winter break.
                        Don't buy your speed bag from the same place you buy your tackle box.


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                          Originally posted by Niki Knuckles View Post
                          Great new design. I will be ordering one for sure... I love that name No. 13! My favorite lucky number.

                          I will contact you after your winter break.
                 numbers, i don't know if their lucky but like them anyway. 3, 6, 8, 13...your gonna love the swivel when you get it, smooth and quiet...ralph


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                            I already ordered no.13 swivel can't wait to get it .


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                              Just ordered mine. Now I get to compare the Evil with the No 13. Scary !


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