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Baggin while injured

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  • Baggin while injured

    I have to have surgery on my right quadricep in two days . I am wondering how other baggers made it trough there injury/rehab???

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    I’m sorry to hear that Mickey, how long do they expect the recovery to be?


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      Don’t bag while injured. Just heal.
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        Thanks guys ,Yes I will follow what doctor says to heal.Not sure what the recovery time will be. I have a torn quadricep above my right knee. Hopefully down the road with doctors permission I can use speedbag during rehab.


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          Mickey, I would encourage you to take Rusty's advice.

          I, did no such thing while recovering from my recent fall off some scaffolding at work which led to my healing time being twice as long. But I'm crazier than a shithouse rat. Bonkers actually!


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            Falling from some scaffolding doesn’t sound fun. Glad your ok.I should have called this post bagging while rehabbing.I am going to be like a caged animal if I can’t bag for a while.Anyone have any interesting methods they used while rehabbing would be welcome.I think I’m turning bonkers already.


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              Yeah, but what I was doing couldn't really be described as Baggin.. was more like 8 seconds here and there or just one arm stuff and that was depressing. The activity I kept doing as if nothing had happened was lifting. And that is where I tend to go too far. Oh well


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                Originally posted by Mickey Dix View Post
                I have to have surgery on my right quadricep in two days . I am wondering how other baggers made it trough there injury/rehab???
                Sorry to hear that. I've had "a few" surgeries 7 shoulder, 3 knee (4th coming this Dec 20), 3 cervical, and elbow, both feet....well it's a long list. So, I'm kind of experienced with "post-op" procedure or activities. First off, fight the blues about "down time" by realizing the 6-12 week period IS going to pass at the same amount of time whether you had the surgery or not, so in that amount of weeks it will either "be over" or you still need it. The time doesn't care. It will pass whatever the I would usually have it and get it over with. But that time will pass regardless. What you do in that time, or can do as far as bagging, depends on the part operated on. Obvious if it's an arm (shoulder, elbow, hand) you can't use if for bagging. Same for the first few weeks after neurosurgery, NO bagging. During that time I tried to do the things I never seem to have time that book or articles I was "going to get around to" when I found the time. Listen all the music I never got around to.., for me I also wrote (a favorite past time for me..) about whatever was on my mind (usually speed bag.. many of my forum posts were done "post-op") or stories, poems you name it, I write it. or read it. Think of some topic you really would like to get into, deep research.. it doesn't matter what. Your surgery just you gave you the time to indulge that. My knee and hips surgeries never stopped me from speed bagging with the exception of maybe the first two weeks where standing with weight shift was a problem (painful). Don't worry about your bagging skills,'s like walking. Once you can do it, it never goes away, so that will be fine. If I were you, to keep speed bag on your brain, I would spend some days reading "The Speed Bag Bible" Sounds corny I know, not much plot but it has a great ending...You'll learn to hit the speed bag. While you can't move your leg, read and "air punch" the practice combinations. Yeah, that really works! The air punching will keep your fist and arm movements in shape and you can imagine the bag sounds. Before long you can actually visualize the bag, punch it and hear it. At least that's what the author says, but he's prejudice.

                OR read some other book that sparks you imagination, on any topic you have perhaps put off. You will rarely have "down times" like this to indulge yourself. I personally spent so many hours in a gym or under the board that I kind of looked forward to the forced respite from "the need to go work out" and enjoy the days off. (Minus the pain which sucks) but keep the faith you'll be much better 6mo to a year from now and it will all be over. (in my case...'till the next one). But hey, I'm still punching. You will be too!
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                  Thank you Alan for your wisdom and guidance. I know there is not to many baggers out there with the experience of all your surgeries.Hope you are ok with your next one.I know Rusty is going through some Shoulder issues now. Hope he is doing well.I will absolutely keep reading speedbagbible and watching the dvds.Will be going through the techniques while air punching also.After Doctor gives me the ok. I will heal and get healthy first.


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                    A Grand Master’s ability is always complimented by their wisdom.