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  • G-Town
    Speed Bag Trainee

    • Jun 2010
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    Speed Bag 4

  • Zaza
    Speed Bag Guru
    • Apr 2011
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    So much fun....
    Art of the Bag - A Speed Bag Story


    • swfl
      Speed Bag Guru
      • Apr 2013
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      Thank you for posting these videos. It looks like you guys had a good time! And...a meal of sushi. If more footage exists please share...


      • Speedbag
        Author of the Speed Bag Bible, founder of speedbagcentral.com

        • Feb 2006
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        Originally posted by G-Town View Post

        No greater fun for me under the board than interactive Punch Drumming with other punch drummers. It's really a kick to tag team a song, like this jesse cook tune, having one bagger step out and another step in. Wish we had more baggers who could do that. (several could but I fear they are afraid of messing up on camera).

        Can't wait for SB 5 to do this again!
        Speed Bag

        Put a little Rhythm in YOUR workout!
        *attendee: Every SB gathering so far!
        The Quest Continues...
        Hoping for another Gathering...


        The Art of the Bag


        • spdyTommyT

          • Apr 2010
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          Friends and Family

          Hello Speed Bag Forum,
          First, I'd like to thank Tim Platt for creating this event, and Donnie Blanks for letting us take over the second floor of his gym year after year.

          I'd also like to thank everyone who has attended or played apart in bringing this event to life. You are what make these events so special. I truly love the friends I've met at Speed Bag I, II, III, IV. Like a family we grow together, trade information, share meals, and everyone supports each other in our addiction.

          I personally know my speed bag talents have grown from not only the posts on this forum and youtube but by being at these gatherings. The feeling of the air flying off the bags and the rhythm hypnotizing me, reminds me of a Native American Powwow, very ritualistic.

          It's like the game of chess if you play with people who are better than you, ultimately it makes your game better. This event is like an institution of higher learning with Professional Punchologist's. Here you can learn from a variety of baggers and see some pretty amazing speed bagging skills, sometimes attempted for the first time. It always brings the best out of me and I stay on a high that lasts well into the winter months and I love it.

          So, in life we have family and friends that we surround ourselves with and sometimes these friends become family. This is how I feel about the relationships I have formed with all of the great people I have met along this journey.
          Hope to see you all at Speed Bag V and keep on bagging
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          The Speed Ball should be in every hall


          • Zaza
            Speed Bag Guru
            • Apr 2011
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            Well said Tommy...well said!
            Art of the Bag - A Speed Bag Story


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