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My TOTAL homemade Ball-Hook Swivel (0$ Cost)

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  • How To My TOTAL homemade Ball-Hook Swivel (0$ Cost)

    Hi there,

    Finally, I was able to make a complete HOMEMADE ball-hook swivel.

    After registering in this forum, I read about members doing their own ball-hook swivel, but most of the posts, were building on an already made swivel (i.e. using the cover of everlast U hook). So I decided to make a complete and totally homemade ball-hook swivel, with the minimum cost.

    The hardest part was to find the metal ball, I started looking for a piece that contains the metal ball, and since we always spare old car parts after replacement, I found the car wheel axis "tie rod" is an amazing choice:

    As you see in the below pictures, I detailed the steps of making my homemade ball hook swivel, and this swivel costed me 0$

    Below is a breif description of each photo (from left to right, first row first):
    1. This is the car axis tie rod, as you see its two ends contain a metal balls.
    2. I cut out each end, and ended with a screw-with a ball, inside a metal cap.
    3. By knocking on the screw toward the ball, you will get the screw ball, and an empty metal cap.
    4. I removed the plastic sheild from the ball, so it is loose within the metal cap.
    5,6 I re-put the metal ball-screw inside the metal cap, this would be the container of the ball-hook.
    7,8 . I cut some length from the screw, and welded a U metal to the end of the screw, then welded the metal cap to a flat metal piece, this metal piece will be attached to the platform.
    9,10 the swivel is attached to the platform.

    I greased it, and it is fast, and don't have a noisy sound, I hope I will be able to video its motion, and put it here for evaluation.

    Your comments please
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    Once again and ingenius creation. Love to see how it hits in a video.
    Great job.
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      Cool little SWIV. I also would like to see and hear this thing in action.

      You gotta love the sound of a ball hook swivel in action. Even the quieter ones. I just finished hitting on a Everlast Plastic Ball w S-Hook 2 minutes ago. Hardly any sound out of it, but what sound there was from it, is so sweet.

      Yes. Video Please. Nice creation.


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        Niceā€¦ I like you were able to use existing stuff that was headed for a scrap yard. Post this baby in action!


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          I'd like to see this in action too - very interested in making one of these myself
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            Thanks all for the feedback,

            I will shoot a video once I get my NOS Ringside bags (they are in their way); since my BBE bag is lopsided

            Thanks again


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              A question. I don't see how you put a bag on this without adding a clip-on hook to the bottom of it. If that isn't what you are supposed to do than what are you supposed to do?


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                Originally posted by Gozzee View Post
                A question. I don't see how you put a bag on this without adding a clip-on hook to the bottom of it. If that isn't what you are supposed to do than what are you supposed to do?
                I have added an S-Hook, as shown in the attached pictures
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                  Somehow I missed this thread. Interesting!


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                      Great idea, thinking outside the box, I too also work in the motor trade so the next time I replace said part ill try this idea


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