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    Punching in triplet rythym, R - FSP, R - FCP, L - FSP, L- FCP is pretty easy walking 3.8 mph on a treadmill. I counted every R - FSP for a minute and I have 31 per minute which I believe equates to around 120 total strikes per minute. If that lets you know how fast I go.- Steady, but nothing too fancy.

    No way could I keep anything fancy like double punch, triple punch, reverse punch or fist rolling going very smoothly while walking on a treadmill. Actually, I can't even reverse punch standing still yet.

    I actually watch Lou Dobbs on CNN every night at 7:00 pm when I do my mile hitting the bag and I can watch TV and hit the bag with my peripheral vision most of the 16 minutes. Its a relatively light workout- maxing my heart rate out at around 150 bpm. As I said, walking only had me around 125 bpm. But if I run a 10 minute mile on 6.1 mph, I get up to 170 bpm.

    I am 36, 5' 10", 180 lbs.
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