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Watch the bag while punching?

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  • Watch the bag while punching?

    Originally posted by INDYFIGHTER View Post
    .... Do you watch the bag when you're hitting it? It seems to be eaisier if I ignore it and just focus on the wall behind it than if I actually watch the bag.
    It is almost impossible to accurately track the moving bag with the eyes, for with any speed all you see is the bag afterimages. I find I just hold my gaze mostly at the bag "center area", (where it would be if it were not moving). Chris is exactly right, that your ears are a better sense for tracking the bag and telling you of a problem. Each swivel type has it's own sound indicating "solid" fist contact or a "mis-hit". When I hear a "mis-hit" My center gaze will check the rebound angle and connection (automatic reaction). the bag will often "bend" or look funny at the swivel connection when you mis-hit, but the sound will alert you to that faster than your eyes. Least it does for me.

    Originally posted by INDYFIGHTER View Post
    ... I've noticed so far is my left hand is slower than my right. I've spent alot of time just doing left handed fist rolls.
    One hand (non-dominant) being "slower" is a normal reaction, but in practice I have found several issues concerning this. First, is positional. Be sure to hold the fist up next to the chin / mouth area. If you drop it, and don't reposition it high before you need to swing, then you will swing from your waist and probably arrive a bit late. This is particularly noticeable during change-overs, from one hand to the other. Most people will automatically compensate for the extra distance by swinging a bit faster. unfortunately, this faster punch will add a little speed to the bag and the next punch will be late. Keep your hands high and swing in small circles.

    A second problem with the non-dominant hand is being able to hit and change over with equal force. for a beginner, the force of your punching effects bag speed more than your actually punching speed.

    As a beginner, your main focus should be control. Maintain the Hands high position, learn to control your swing movements, and equal force to your punching. You'll be amazed at how much faster your left hand (non-dominant) will get.
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