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Boxing Skills for Fun and Fitness - Dr. Schroeder's book

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  • Boxing Skills for Fun and Fitness - Dr. Schroeder's book

    Originally posted by Tim View Post
    Can you refresh my memory as to the title of this book? I think you've mentioned it before and that it is out of print, however I might try to locate a copy simply for nostalgia purposes. Is it "Boxing Skills for Fun and Fitness"?
    Yes, that is it. It has been out of print of sometime and has not been digitized to my knowledge to bring it back into print. With the new "print on demand" options of digital printing, NO book ever has to be "out of print" anymore, since one or two copies can be printed within a day or so. But the text has to be scanned an uploaded to the printer.

    My copy of this book has my own wayward scribbling all over it, dissecting the speed bag illustrations and putting them in my own terminology. Somehow, his term "back elbow gooseneck follow through..." didn't tell people much IF they couldn't really see it. His "Elbow Gooseneck" turned into my Outward-Double Elbow Strike". I just found my own names and terminology more exact. I did this with his blessing, by the way. We remained good friends long after his teaching days, and he is proud that one of his own students advanced his material. In fact, the picture of the board on the left with a man standing in front of it was originally drawn by him. He hand drew each speed bag combination shown in chapter three, from the side and from above, as if looking down through clear board.

    ...his was the first major work concerning the speed bag that I know of. One day back in 1972 I walked into the Memphis State Field House and heard this really cool beat. It sounded like distant drums. I followed the sound, and found him alone in the combative room, standing under the board, hitting. I still feel the awe of that moment. I now know how a lost sheep feels when it finds a shepherd. For the next two or so years, we spent many hours on the bag.

    Dr. Schroeder, MSU
    Speed Bag

    Put a little Rhythm in YOUR workout!
    *attendee: Every SB gathering so far!
    The Quest Continues...
    Hoping for another Gathering...


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