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Tattoo, I mean Tattoo ME at SPEED BAG II

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    WHAT! No speed bag tattoo, Brian?

    I love my new tattoo! It's still sore... after all, it's several hundred little puncture wounds... ... I was sent home with an instruction sheet on how to care for it while it heals. Lots of washing with antibacterial soap, a little ointment, and try not to let it scab over too soon. The artist told me that if it scabs (I don't like that word), then when the scab falls off, it will take some of the ink with it.

    My original thought on getting a tattoo was to have it as a "remembrance" of SB II. I was going to have some lettering on it, but then decided against it. Instead, I will add a "hash mark" for every year that I attend the convention in Jersey. The artist suggested placing little stars around the bag, which is a good idea... and they won't be very painful since they're so little!

    Now, I know that several of you are "pure" with your non-tatted epidermis... I used to think that tattoos were only for sailors. But, the times have certainly changed! Young and old alike get tatted. I was amazed at all the different people who walked through the doors of "Lucky Boys Tattoo" parlour while I was there... a man, about my age came in asking about a Tasmanian Devil tattoo... a young married couple came in to have their spouse's name tattooed on their ring finger... a young woman was getting an elaborate tattoo on her arm... it's really quite an industry!

    "Now if that doesn't earn you a full book of 'Green Checks', then I don't know what will.
    By the way is that a 7x10 BFF? ... Neat!"

    - Roc

    Boy oh boy. I hope I earned some "green checks' for this!

    To answer your question about the BFF... Yes, I brought a photo of a BFF speed ball to the artist. The finished product is the artist's interpretation – and I'm really pleased with it. Trainer Raul is even considering getting one like it!
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      Sweet ink MsD!

      LIKE on Facebook @


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        Wow, MsD, you did it!! I'm floored!! Back in the good old days, when I was better and faster on the bag than I am now, some guy in the gym told me I was a bad-ass. YOU, my lady, have definitely taken that title for yourself!


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          nice tat

          Ms Dee your tat came out looking good. nice job...ralph


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            Cool tattoo Dee!!

            Any plans for more?


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              Dee... I guess you have to get a swivel tattoo this year!


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                very cool.... i have a few myself.... im a fan of tattos, but not a fan of meaningless ink... i have both my kids names, a scripture and a heart matching my wife we got on v day 2010.... im not sure i have ever seen a bag tat, very cool ms dee


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