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NEW Fighting Sports Website... 25% off!

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  • NEW Fighting Sports Website... 25% off!

    Fighting Sports now has it's own website...and is offering 25% off your order!

    Promo code: TOKENFS

    Art of the Bag - A Speed Bag Story

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    Originally posted by ventanakaz flash, zaza they have always had a website ;-) , anyway thanks for letting us know about 25% off. maybe I should sign up for their mailing list...ralph
    I had no idea, always got my FS stuff from Title...and here's the quote from their email,
    "Say what?! Yes, Fighting Sports NOW has its very own website. We know, your mind is blown. As a token of our appreciation, please use this coupon code to redeem 25% OFF your next purchase at Fighting Sports."

    I wonder if they knew they already had one?

    Art of the Bag - A Speed Bag Story


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      Title, Title MMA, and Fighting Sports are all one company, with multiple websites. The Title MMA is their main website that has the most up to date inventory, meaning when you order from their other websites it may show its in stock, but a few days later you may get an email stating otherwise. That has been my experience in the past, and if ordering from them, I go to the MMA site!
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