Sameh's low-cost platform

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  • bigforrap
    Speed Bag Trainee
    • Dec 2011
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    Sameh's low-cost platform

    Hey guys, new poster but I've been over this forum ten times over.

    I always loved boxing but worked the heavy bag mainly. I've never managed to hit a speedbag more than once in a combination, so naturally I want to work at it. To add to the fun, I decided to build my own platform, primarily because the only affordable platform I could find in my region (UAE) seems flimsy.

    All materials were salvaged (amazing what people bin).
    Drum is 35mm thickness, 400mm radius, two layers of plywood (joined by PVA and then cleaned up with wood-filler). Edges are rough because my jigsaw has a lot of recoil.
    I went bin diving for the wall brackets. Bag was given to me by a mate who left the country.

    Things that cost me were the swivel hook, screws, bolts, wood filler.

    Total cost: AED 97 (approximately 25 USD)

    There's no vibration during use. I still may use a sandbag to dampen noise.
    Ideally would finish this and make it a bit better by running a bike tyre around the edge with contact adhesive, coupled with spraying the drum black. However, I'm leaving for university in Canada 6 months from now, and I don't see it as a worthwhile time investment.
    If it works, leave it be

    Anyway, a big thank you to everyone on this forum, which has become such an amazing resource that I didn't even need to ask any questions! Any suggestions or improvements; tell me.
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  • ebozyn
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    • Oct 2010
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    Speed Bag MacGyver


    I always like it when someone takes the materials they have around them, and uses those materials to make something useful for themself, or someone else.

    It's good to be a Speed Bag MacGyver.
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    • Speedbag
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      • Feb 2006
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      Looks like outstanding work to me.

      Welcome to the forum!
      Speed Bag

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      *attendee: Every SB gathering so far!
      The Quest Continues...
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      • Allentown
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        • Oct 2010
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        Nice Set Up

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