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SCYntz Alloy X Speed Bag Swivel

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  • SCYntz Alloy X Speed Bag Swivel

    Hi. New here. Great place. I'm looking to upgrade my swivel. Was considering getting the Title Lightning Fast Super Swivel but this SCYntz Alloy X Speed Bag Swivel
    caught my eye.
    Any experience with it?

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    Wonder if Speed Bag Labs would review it.


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      Hey JackRuby! Welcome to the forum! I have no experience with that. The Lightning-Fast-Swivel is a good U-bolt option. If you are looking for a ball-hook-swivel checkout
      Bag on!


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        Welcome JackRubyTuesdays.In (my opinion) If you are a boxing style bagger "U"-Bolts" are a great way to go, however if you are looking at "Bible" style bagging "Ball-Hook-Swivel" all the way. Good to have you aboard, enjoy the family.


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          I'd say this new TitleBoxing


          Looks (and probably acts) a lot like the Jim Bradley Carbon Swivel

          So I'll let Bag Master Zach "SKUNK" Ruffo, demo.... (2010 - speed bag gathering #1) note when he tries to hit sides.

          (key: this hits fine as long as the wide part of the U is facing the fist. When the fist hits to the "side" or the bar part of the ( I ) , they twist and seriously effect (change) the rebound angle almost always causing a miss.

          IMO: The only swivel style that does NOT interfere with the bag rebound is a ball hook
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            Cool. Thanks for the replies. I think I'll go with the lightning fast.


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