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The Return of ArcSwivel

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    Originally posted by rdshackleford View Post

    I just want to keep this info at the front
    This is the 60,000 post on this Forum


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      So for those if us without social media, how do we buy one?


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        2020 still sucks, but now our cups runneth over with good ball swivel options. Discovered the bag only April of this year, so I missed the days of Deville and getting an Arc was just a dream. Sure, the Everlast or Porter worked. But noisy.

        Then came the Thrasher, and now Arc returns.

        Thanks Jeff and rdshackleford!!
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          Great news, now to figure out how to instagram. I feel like I need to know a 25 year old to teach me how this works


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            guys, just PM me if you want one
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              Originally posted by rdshackleford View Post
              The new Arc swivels are now for sale! The Arc Mk.II is a major upgrade from the original Arc. It may look the same, but it is very different in every place that counts. More durable, more accurate, more fun than ever before! The Arc Pro is some next level shit. Only accomplished speed baggers would experience the difference, and that experience is sublime. The Arc Pro is "a swivel WITHIN A SWIVEL!" (credit to BagBoy aka speedbagazebo for that quote). I priced the Arc Pro significantly higher than the Mk.II because, for one, because it is significantly harder for me to make, and for another, if you don't need it you should not waste your money on it. When you get to the level where you need the Arc Pro, you will know it.
              Now you have found one


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                Accept no substitutes.

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