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  • Remembering LouisvilleBagr

    Not sure how to do this or even where to place this, but here goes. I'll try not to filibuster and keep this somewhat condensed.

    We, the speed bag community have lost a brother of the bag just over two weeks ago. His name was Jesse AKA LouisvilleBagr, a great guy with a hilarious sense of humor and was almost generous to a fault. His bagging style although very unique to himself reminded me of an early Ebozine (I hope I spelled that right) The guy was really nailing his bumps with fists and elbow combinations. I always enjoyed watching his many videos. Some of us spoke/communicated with him almost daily on instagram and other platforms including the phone. They broke the mold when they made Jesse and we will miss him immensely.

    Feel free to share your thoughts and memories, whatever they may be.
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    I was heartbroken by this news

    Jesse was very passionate by the speed bag bible style. He was a double bump specialist and i remember how much he loved his Roni bags, Jim Bradley speedballs and arc swivels.

    He was always willing to help. When an Ebay seller wasn’t willing to ship an item to Canada, Jesse would buy it and ship it to me. He also agreed to sell me one of his Everlast 4213 because i couldn’t find one.

    He recently started to share his passion by teaching the art of the bag at the YMCA and Title boxing club in Louisville. He was an ambassador of the sport we all love.

    I loved watching his videos and we used to chat almost every day not only about speed bags, but also about our jobs, our pets and other topics. I will miss him dearly.

    Rest in peace my friend.


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      It's really cool that we can go back and check out his videos I have only been around since February He was posting a lot back then
      That's the good and bad about the internet you can meet and interact with people and not really know them
      In the short time I have been on the forum several people are quite active for a while and then go quiet Too bad he won't be popping back
      up on our radar


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        Jesse has always been helpful and inspiring to me, since I started bagging. He posted a lot of videos and comments. When I started bible-style-bagging this year, this forum and all the videos and discussions have been a gold-mine to me. As I started digging through the older posts, I could take part in the progression of Jesse to a real pro. He shared his growth and his throwbacks. It was also nice to see how the experienced baggers supported him with feedback and advice. That’s what this here is all about, and Jesse would be proud that we remember him as a deeply rooted member of this community, who brought this positive spirit to other baggers.

        Wishing all the best to his family and beloved ones!


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          I recently traded some bags with him and he helped me with 4way elbows, he was so nice to me. it is easy to see he is well liked and respected. God bless his family & friends


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            Jesse was a founding member of the Arcoholics. He and the others helped get me this far thru this shitty fucking year. I talked to him every day. Its so sad that we didn't have a Gathering this year. He was all set to attend. Fuck 2020.
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              I am devasted by his passing as well, as we communicated a lot when he started. I recently received a very touching personal message from his mother relaying how much he loved the speed bag and thanking me for my encouragement and friendship to her son.She said she heard him say my name so much that she wanted to contact me personally. I assured her the speed bag world was aware of and very sad about his passing for he was well known and highly respected as a young and talented speed bagger that we all had wanted to meet personally at the gathering. I told her we all enjoyed his video's and looked forward to them. She said he was really looking forward to attending and meeting us all and was very sad that it had to be cancelled. She honored me with the unexpected request to help her dispose of his large collection of boxing equipment, at some point in the future when she can breath. That may be a daunting task.
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                I never got to meet him, but I've just gone back and read several more of his posts - friendly and helpful, always supportive to new and enthusiastic members. Sad to hear that he has passed.


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                  I have read many of his posts and while I never chatted with him, I’m sorry to hear of his passing. I’m sorry for the loss to you all. I wish I had joined sooner and would have had the chance to meet him.


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                    Jesse and I messaged back and forth a couple of times while bagging late into the night.We would talk about the bags we have and the bags we would like to try out.We both had similar jobs and would talk about how the Covid affected us.Jesse was full of knowledge of not only the speedbag but the heavy bag also. It would have been great to meet him in person at the speedbag gathering.Jesse was a true ambassador for our speedbag community. Prayers for Jesse‘s family and his speedbag legacy will live on.


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