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  • A technique question

    I'm new here and I'm learning some basic moves with my speed bag. I think I need some advice on the roll: how can I keep it stable/consistent? After a few rolls, my bag seems to go chaotically. Is this because my hands didn't overlap enough or too much?

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    When it's right your fists are rolling over each other the size of the bag causes you to make larger or smaller circles to some degree
    The key is hit the bag straight so it comes back to where your fists are It's impossible to hit the bag straight at angles each punch
    knocks the bag farther out of trajectory Each time you practice hopefully you can hit the bag straighter Maybe slowing down might
    help Welcome to the club Good Luck!


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      Rolling your knuckles over each other as well as “pawing” down the bag with the pinky finger kinda helped me.

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