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  • U bolt swivel

    hi guys i'm new on the forum, i'm from italy. the speed bag is not very famous in Italy, so I ask you which are according to your experiences the best u bolts, I have an everlast u bolt purchased on amazon but it is very noisy and bulky. I would like to replace it with something faster and smaller. advice?thanks

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    I also started with an everlast, tried some others and changed later to the title lightning-fast u-bolt
    Give it a try, me and I think some other Baggers really like it. One of the best u-bolts I know so far.


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      Agree with DizzyD but the Forza U-Bolt easily rivals the Title and is much better made. I have both and if I HAD to pick one I'd take the Forza.
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        All the stuff we like is out stock everywhere you look I think the Forza stuff is top notch
        Hopefully they are making some inventory that will become available soon


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          forza hypersonic swivel, I can't find on the site, are they selling it? because title lighting shipping is crazy 60$ for the swivel plus 100$ for shipping


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