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    Originally posted by rdshackleford View Post

    your website is gone? when did that happen?
    About two weeks ago. That was a dead site for several years, meaning I could not edit or change it. The owner of the server was nice enough to keep it up but It was designed under a much older system (2003) and could not make the leap to whatever system he changed to. his "upgrades" did not support "My old web architecture" Last year about this time I did enter into negotiation with him to create a new WordPress site and we decided on the main Template and stuff, however All the images I sent to him were apparently not "HD" and he wanted better pictures. (techniques pics and stuff) Every time I sent a picture he'd request I send it in higher resolution. I don't know how to get pictures shot in 1991-96 into higher resolution. I like the basic layout of that old site but he was pretty adamant that it was not consistent for "a more modern website" Most of the samples he sent were more picture oriented than text. Anyway...we lost communication for a while and I see that old site was finally taken down. Not sure if his business changed or what. He deals with a lot of much higher end athletes and businesses than mine (he manages sites for several college teams, amateur and pro athletes...) so maybe he decided the time to redesign was not worth it,....But at least they did keep it "live" for long past it's life span. So now I'm cruising for sources of web hosting and design.

    Saying "learning to use Wordpress and create a website is easy" is like saying "learning to hit the speed bag is easy." in both areas, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing with many more levels than you think. So until I make a decision on what I'm going to do, it's down. I actually own over 20 speed bag based URL's so I could make a few to play with the software, but most days lately I think about it and decide "...One Day!....but today is not that day."
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      Ok so I am self taught computer nerd. I'd use a neural network to upscale old photos. It uses machine learning with artificial intelligence to, in your case, make a photo look better. Here is a site I found that offers 10 free picture conversions if you'd like to test if it works for you. not my site. Legitimate site like facebook or whatnot. Not spam and nothing to do with me
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        Every time you will arrive at the airport on time and the trip itself will give you a chance to relax and unwind from work.


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          Ok so I went ahead and made an account there, and I grabbed an old photo of speedbag off the interweb. It is older quality, and also shrunk down for web use. Seems the program works like it should. I could get it to upscale to hd, although with just a random internet jpeg one can only upscale so far. I will try to show before and after. This is just a basic enhancement. I think it's pretty cool!


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