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LMF Swivel Updates on personal swivel changes/experiments

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  • LMF Swivel Updates on personal swivel changes/experiments

    I posted this as a reply in the archived LMF Swivel Feedback and decided to put it as a new post. I've changed out the heavy and slow shackle on the LMF Swivel with multiple others and even have two different Titanium shackles that I'm trying out at this time. I had to let some air out of the Title Perilous bag to slow it down while experimenting with these different shackles because of how fast the bag/swivel is moving now. I originally had the Perilous aired up quite Hard and even then with the original slower/heavy stainless shackle it came with wasn't that fast of a combination. The Jim Bradley swivel has a real lightweight components to their swivels to speed things up and they must be on to something. I'm trying to fabricate some of my own swivels at this time (Not the ball and hook type that rdshackleford has risen to the occasion with) and will post some pictures/video(once I can being a Newbie) at some point when I feel comfortable about the outcomes. P.S as folks on here stated at some point speed is irrevelant if your hands aren't moving as fast as needed
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    We welcome all swivels and swivel makers here!
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      I tried a few of the big name swivels and found my LMF to work best for me as a boxing style/speed swivel.


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        Yes its a good swivel but lacking in the shackle department and I’ve done my own upgrades in that area that have greatly improved it. The maker of these swivels was going to update/change the shackles and has anyone seen or purchased this updated swivels?


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          As far as I know, none of us here has purchased one of each.
          I bought the early one. After it was updated to the larger shackle - proportionally, both wider and longer, looks like - someone else here bought one.

          In this photo from the ebay posting, I think this is the new shackle - to my eye, it definitely looks bigger than the one that I have (and you too, sounds like).

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            I just ordered the new style LMF. I should have it Monday, I'll take some pics and compare to the original LMF I have now.


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              Here are two I have, brand new model on the right.

              Click image for larger version

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              Newer model has better rounded edges on the base and bearing shaft end. The shackle is quite a bit larger and the mounting holes are smaller and now is a bolt-through design. I wish the heads were hex head instead of Phillips but that's the only knock I can give it.


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                Thanks for the pictures and inputs - I need to take pictures of the different swivels I came up with that Really makes this combo fly. I’ve been out of town quite a bit lately and haven’t slowed down yet to do it but will soon


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