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  • AliExpress

    Forgive me for I have sinned , was browsing on Alibaba site and noticed the speedbags on there are a fraction of the price , but say they are made of leather ....a few questions
    1, has anyone on here ever used a similar cheap bag and are they that bad ?
    2, forgive me if I am wrong but do the popular brands have theirs made by the same factories?
    Just asking as I may want to buy some speedbags in bulk

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    Good question. I've noticed that ridiculously expensive 'screw design' Cleto Reyes platform on there for a fraction of the price. Looked to be the exact same thing without the branding.

    I dont have any experience purchasing anything from there. They'll put me on some kind of watch list.

    I would contact the supplier and ask them if they manufacture for any major brands.


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      I may bite the bullet and order some soon as I've got a project I want to develop And report back on the quality and usability


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        I sense a little anti-something political correctness in this thread so far. just fyi, Alibaba/AliExpress is a Chinese e-commerce site similar to Amazon, but they don't sell their own stuff, they just connect the producer to the consumer directly.
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          I was joking, you can find almost anything on there. You should list the Arc , minimum order 10,000.


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