Title Momentus Review for a Friend, Sharing with the Family

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  • KLunker18
    Originally posted by ventanakaz

    LoL, your the first one that I heard of that wasn't a fan of the Enkay bladders, But and I'll say that again But you can always let a puff or two of air out of the Enkay bladder if it's to fast and you want to slow the bag down, Anyway everyone has their different feel and tastes on bags and what I like, Others may not like, The good thing is that everyone shares their experiences with this bagg'in Community, I wish there was a way that the Instagram Videos could be shared here on this forum, if it wasn't for this forum, I probably wouldn't be where I'm at with the Speed/Striking bags and swivels, This forum has opened up my brain to Experiment and find out what works best for me, And i always want to share that with everyone.
    I'm not the only one against these orange balloons!!! lol. my coach Brad is pretty good and he pointed it all out! lol And this is exactly why I am on the Forum with this vid as opposed to IG. I view each bag as a tool. Speed is merely one component of the bag to me and I appreciate having different bladders for different reasons. Enkays are very fast but also the bicycle seat shape warps bags, nipples are weak, and they get worn easily from bag seams. This Momentus, like the Atomic, certainly isnt for anyone. It is light with a very thin sweet spot. I don't have as much of a "punching-style" as everyone therefore I like these light bags for trick bagging. From experience I know that many combos are easier on larger, bouncier bags such as multiple elbow strikes, and around the world type moves. I feel I can't do these perfectly until they come naturally on the Atomic. I really feel learning is most difficult but best on lighter bags as more precision, appropriate pressure, and over all control is required. Plus why would you want all of your bags to have the same bladder?

    The Momentus is a little heavier and springier than the Atomic. Would still classify it as a "light" bag.

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  • Dutchman
    My only gripe about the Enkay bladders is the inflation nipples, they are too darn short!

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  • Zaza
    Never liked the ATOMIC bags...it was like hitting air! WAY too light for me. Maybe this one is a little heavier? We'll see. Maybe at next years gathering, we can get some of the newer bags from the companies to try out...and ultimately, raffle off?!
    Excellent review, thank you!

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  • KLunker18
    I knew Ralph would want to rip it apart and throw in some springs!!
    I'm not a fan of Enkays myself. This is plenty fast for me as is. Different bags for different speeds and needs! lol

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  • dad
    Great review. Well done!

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  • Title Momentus Review for a Friend, Sharing with the Family

    Hello Everyone,
    I wanted to share this with Ralph and a bunch of you. I got the new Title Bag and made a few observations about it. It's a pretty advanced Bag in my opinion but very rewarding when hit well!
    Lemme know what you guys think

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