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Need ideas for custom platform drum

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    Hey Kenk, have you actually made any videos of this?

    Will you do this again? And for how much?


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      Kenk need help!

      Hey kenk that speed bag platform/forum looks amazing!! Where did you post you vid for it? And can you please give me info on how you built it and what exactly did you use? Can anyone help me on that please and thank you


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        The earlier parts of the post show how I made the drum...It was tedious since I did not have access to certain commercial tools that would have made it easier to fabricate. The drum is super solid and looks stunning...the platform that it is attached to is somewhat under-designed and not quite stiff enough to be completely vibration free. I have no plans to build another platform...


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          Okay, thanks for replying! I just wanna know, if you ever hit on it and how does it sound? Cause I'm actally going to try and built a replica of yours cause you really inspired me cause I would love one for my home gym. I was gonna get the same platform and everything.


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            Do you recommend anything? Like a different platform? Or anything that could help


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              The drum is solid and sounds great, but the platform is under-designed and too flimsy. There may be better and stronger adjustable platforms available, but I think you have to look long and hard to sift through the junk before you get well engineered high quality platform...


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                End of grain chopping block speed ball platform

                Dear Baggers

                We are hand manufacturing speed ball platforms in the UK fixed and adjustable height frames using a worm drive system, in high quality steel and powder coated.

                We also provide a selection of circular end of grain chopping block platforms in oak
                sizes as below
                620mm x 100mm
                720mm x 100mm
                620mm x 150mm

                Please contact me on

                Kind regards
                Warren Zygelman


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                  Platform weight idea

                  I’m just a beginner working the Bible lessons from the beginning. I put the Everlast adjustable platform up and added two 1”x 24” inch rounds from Home Depot for about $11 ea. Nice but I just received a $20 Everlast double ended bag anchor unit by mail. It’s also about 24” round and holds 50 lbs of sand. I’m going to fill the bladder with sand ($5) at Home Depot and put that on top! Cheap set up but solid so far and guessing about to become really solid!! I’m only practicing an hour to an hour and a half a day but the set up feels good to me so far. I defer to ya’all with reverence.


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