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  • VJ87's custom platform

    Hello found this place after seeing some vids on speed bag skunk that guy is awesome. Well i decided to make my own platform and was wondering if others around here have as well. Here's some pics:

    Thats the first coat, wood was $2.50 for an 8ft 2x6. Trinagle thingys for support 5$ each and wall brackets 5$ each. Wire was 8 bux for 30ft, then stuff to make it work and tensioner thing 6 bux. Speed bag and hinge were most expensive things lol, 29.99 for the bag and 19.99 for hinge. Works awesome no play on the board and bracket.

    Let me know what you guys think, i've put 8 coats on by now just need to get more pics.

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    HI VJ87.

    Wow, your home made board and wall unit are really original. I've often wondered how to make vertical wall hangers like that out of ready available, inexpensive materials and your design is unique. I particularly like the cables for triangular support.

    You've got quite a rig there. Glad to hear it hits solid.
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      Cool thanks, ill post some pics of what it looks like now that it has the 8 layers of poly-urethane.


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        You are very handy.

        I see that you have cables at about a 45 degree angle coming down that help in supporting the weight of the wood platform, and that you have a horizontal wire rope that is adjustable and may allow the brackets to "bind" in their supports, but with the cable supports, won't you get a lot of vibration since there is no support when your back hits the front of the platform?

        Maybe your intention is to add weight to the top of it?

        Anyway, let us know what the platform vibration is like.


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          Nope ive tested it there is no vibration. The trangle things mounted onto the wood itself have a tab resint on the brackets that keeps it from moving. Even if i push it up and down myself there is no movement.


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            Ok, so there is no vibration. Very good, but there is another problem:

            your breaker box door can't open fully because of your platform.


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              Heh dont have to open fully anyways. And the setup can easily be collapsed by undoing the tension thing i setup.


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