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    This is a video of my friends gym. WATCH

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    Originally posted by rainbowsixveg View Post
    This is a video of my friends gym. WATCH
    That was a great video, Rainbowsix...

    I really like the coach Mike Murphy and some his insights. You gotta respect a guy doing what he's doing, and believing it really makes a difference for the kids he trains. Leon is also an inspiration, trying to make it with only his heart, his hands and a coach like Murphy. My favorite line is at end, when murphy says: "...I'm in it for the long haul with him anyway".

    That's a great line. At least the kid can count on someone besides himself. Good luck, Rainbowsix, and pass on my regards to the guys in the gym.
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      Thank You

      Thanks Alan, I knew you would respect that video and understand it. O by the way we got your picture and your autograph right on the mini bilboard of fame. (Not as big as glesons lol).


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        Leon Green

        Leon is a pro now and he friends with sugar shane mosley. I was lucky enough to meet and talk to both of them. The thing that my coaches and I realize is that the majority of gyms dont give a hoot about your life. They just care about money in there pockets you know. NY needs more guys like us

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