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Couple Pics of my setup

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  • Couple Pics of my setup

    I showed a few people pics Saturday. But here are some better ones of everything setup. I vinyl wrapped my drum in a color shift chrome vinyl to give it a burnt titanium look (I needed something to go with my blaze swivel).

    I have a 50lb sand bag and a Dewalt clamp reversed to brace it to the ceiling. I can honestly say there is not even the tiniest vibration in this setup.

    I am going to get one of the everlast stands for the heavy it as it shakes my whole house way too much. Probably put it in the corner near Chewy.
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    That is a really nice setup. So many bags and pads! I especially like how the Arc Blaze looks with that wrapped drum.

    That was Arc Blaze serial #1, lol. A few other people got one at the gathering too.
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      Very awesome looking dungeon and torcher chamber! Great job on the drum, very unique!


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        That is what I call a finished basement.....extremely well done!


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          Very, very nice!

 the second picture I see the BBQ over there. I like that too.
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            WOW is the only word that comes to mind. Amazing area. (Great meeting you at SB-X)
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              Very nice setup!!!


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                I like the idea of having more then one platform setup.


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