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    Homemade speed bag platform action. Any tips for a new bagger?
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    Originally posted by Speedbag Seaweed Man View Post
    Homemade speed bag platform action. Any tips for a new bagger?
    OK, Seaweed Man, jumping into the video pool! Welcome.

    Good job for a newbie. I would venture a couple of thoughts.

    The bag looks to be too high for you. Your head and eyes looking up give it away, as does the fist contact. Since the bag cannot be lowered I suggest you stand on something that is about 2 or 3 inches high. Make a small platform with boards or a fitness step or something with enough space to stand on comfortable and move around a bit. A lot of your swinging issues may correct automatically if you get the belly of bag down from your forehead (or higher?) to your chin/nose level.

    Second, Try to "swing smaller" with less emphasis on longer movements. Particularly with some elbow strikes, it looks to me as if you're making too large of an arm swing. That may be because the bag is too high and you need a higher arm movement to make contact. Other than that I wouldn't over critique it. Looks and sounds like your making good contact and timing is pretty good. You have a developing knowledge of several double fist and elbow-fist techniques and combinations. Passing fists through is developing OK, harder on a bag that is too high.

    For the side double punching combination, try stepping in a bit and swinging mostly from the elbows, not swaying sideways from the shoulders. Try this video for help. (note position of arms at 4:46 for SDP). This video link really teaches how to do your opening combinations of double punching pass through linking of
    Front Double Punch ' ' Reverse Double Punch ' ' Side Double Punch ' ' Side Double Punch.

    written with abbreviations as: FDP ' ' RDP ' ' SDP ' ' SDP.

    I think simple practice with the bag at the right height will correct some of your ills.

    hope this helps.

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    The Art of the Bag


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      NICE! ... and what Alan says ^^^ (After all, he is THE King!)
      Art of the Bag - A Speed Bag Story


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        Thanks for the advice Alan!
        I feel very lucky that you would take the time.
        I loved the link you suggested I watch and I see what you mean with the arm position and swinging from the elbows not the shoulders in the sdp' 'sdp. I have been having fun re learning that technique today and it feels a lot more simple and swift when i'm not trying to swing the torso. Stepping in a bit helped and has caused the circles to become a bit smaller, getting up on a step has put my elbows closer to the belly as well which feels better. I built the platform to suit a bigger bag but with this smaller one it is way too high. One day I will have one for each bag and never need to adjust the height or change the bag over


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          Originally posted by Speedbag Seaweed Man View Post
          Homemade speed bag platform action. Any tips for a new bagger?
          Nice video thank you for posting


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