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    Here is a video just doing some kicks getting my legs ready!

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    Good job skunk... Hows your legs.... Probably sore? lol
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      Skunk - that is hurting me just watching it.......

      good work and take care....


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        thanks man

        I will do lets just hope when i kick my next opponebt i break him in half!


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          Originally posted by SpeedBagSkunk View Post
          Here is a video just doing some kicks getting my legs ready!

          Shin conditioning is an art unto itself. Try some of these articles...

          Shin Conditioning on Stickgrappler

          Shin conditioning at

          Cut Kick (* mid range Roundhouse to leg)

          Shin Kicking Technique video


          Other links that might help:

          Muay thai kicking

          Foot Jab (* Front Kick)

          Muay Thai Stance

          Hope they help. Train hard with a plan to learn the techniques. Just like speed bag. learn slow, speed and power will come with technique and practice.
          Speed Bag

          Put a little Rhythm in YOUR workout!
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          The Art of the Bag


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            hey alan, i was taught that cut kick at muay thai last night and the instructor was explaining to us that if you land it with enough for it can tear muscle tissue, definately a devestating move!

            we were taught to kick thin air rather than a bag with it as when your in a fight if you kick asif you werre kicking through the opponents thigh it will do more damage and hit harder but we were just learning the technique rather than conditioning our legs

            p.s thanks for the links, really informative for me aswell


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              thanks alan

              Alan you always hoook us up with great info. Been training a lot hopefully the next fight will be able to see the technic a little better then a slug fest lol I wanna Kick the crap outta someone lol


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                i know i'm a newb here but i'll throw my two cents in;

                there's four good times to kick;

                1) after you have hurt your opponent (usually with hands) and his defense has momentarily crumbled

                2) when you have captured opponents attention (like distracting him or setting up with your hands), and his defense has momentarily crumbled

                3) when opponent is moving away from you

                4) when you have captured your opponents mass (i.e. control his balance).

                otherwise it's dangerous to commit to your kick since it violates 1st rule of a fight; "always keep your balance".


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