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    I made this uppercut bag out of an old footstool a couch cushion and ALOT of duct tape, or as it is known in the Rio Grande Valley, mexican gold. I had it up last year but knocked it down and was going to throw it away until I saw a post where Alan put up pictures of a similar product(much nicer and superior material). I salvaged it added a layer of cushioning from an old sofa (I'm ghetto), and had three of my friends that frequent my gym put the thing up... you wouldn't beleive how heavy it is!

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    my handwraps gave me no protection on my injured nuckle when i was knocking my home made maize bag about 2day, so i used tissue padding across the nuckles and then duck tape over it... gave SO MUCH protection, no pain from my nuckle what so ever, could punch as hard as i could and i barely felt anything. south of the border engineering truely is the way forward!

    p.s all creations inspired by hispanicinapanic and his south of the border enginering


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      That's crazy Gez I do that too! I use sports tape as a base and pack cotton balls on my knuckles, then I wrap them in duct tape. I saw a sparring partner of Floyd Mayweather Jr. do the same on 24/7. It's inexpensive and super strong and I think the Mayas used it to build the pyramids... lol!


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        HAHA there is truely no other expination!

        i really like the duck tape hand protection tbh, much better than my handwraps


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          Heh, I noticed you must have one hell of a good punch. The ground shakes when you punch!


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            Originally posted by Chris M View Post
            Heh, I noticed you must have one hell of a good punch. The ground shakes when you punch!
            I really like the Deep thud of that bag on the wall. The sounds really accentuates the fist contact, and looks devasting....
            Speed Bag

            Put a little Rhythm in YOUR workout!
            *attendee: Every SB gathering so far!
            The Quest Continues...
            Hoping for another Gathering...


            The Art of the Bag


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              Thanks guys... the sound definitely strokes the ego a bit!


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                Awesome vid and awesome piece of's like trying to pop a giant pimple.....


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