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Healed up and back at it!

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  • Healed up and back at it!

    Back under the board after thankfully just a week off to heal from the surgery. As always, any tips or critique is appreciated.
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    Dead thread


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      Dead? I think not, it's had 65 views at this point in time. Sometimes the comments don't come right away.BTW you're doin' good.


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        Surgery? Between the shoulders (as I recall)..right? You're looking good as new!
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          Thanks Dutchman. I think the thread just fell through the cracks because I posted it shortly before many other threads were started and it took quite a long time to get up to the views it was at. Figured I'd attempt to bring it back to life with the "dead thread" comment.

          Thank you Zaza, and yes the surgery was alongside my spine between the shoulder blades.


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            Everything you did looks good to me. Can't see anything to suggest changing.
            'cept to keep practicing.
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