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Homemade platform/new member introdution

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  • Homemade platform/new member introdution

    Hi guys, just joined the forum. I am a novice speed bagger who fell into it by accident. While searching craigslist for a heavy bag I found an Everlast heavybag/speedbag combo stand for 60 bucks including both bags, couldn't pass that deal up. I just considered the speed bag a novelty item I would rarely use. Once I had it home and setup, and having no idea what to even do with the speed bag I went to youtube and that's when I was enlightened. After seeing videos of Alan and the Skunk I was amazed and found myself playing with the speed bag just as much as heavy bag. Problem was the stand shook, the drum flexed and it had a chain link swivel I wasn't fond of. So I decided to get a somewhat proper setup, as I knew what I was working with was far from ideal. So I went to Menards and picked up some edge glued panels, a 18x36" and 24" round, three 7 foot 2x4s, some stain and misc supplies. Spent 60 on materials and this is what I came up with. I decided to try out an ebony stain as I was always curious what it would turn out like but too afraid to try it on more meaningful projects. It turned out pretty nice, used a bunch of screws for assembly and mounting, the whole unit is pretty solid. Also picked up a Deville swivel and title gyro bag. You can see the old setup in the background.
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    Welcome to the forum Stash! Great job on that platform, looks good and also looks really sturdy.


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      Very nice....and welcome to the forum! Tons of great information & fellow baggers here...and always glad to help.



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        that will work--glad you are here--dd
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          Very impressive setup. Welcome and hope to see some video of you punching sometime.
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            welcome to the forum, nice color setup, what i like about your setup is how far the drum comes out from the wall. mine is to close...ralph


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              Thanks for the compliments guys. I had a little bit of time to play around with the new setup today after getting it put up. Huge improvement over what i was working with. Gonna take some time to adapt to the swivel and small bag, but just in the little bit of time i spent on it today i got a lot more comfortable with it. Looking forward to becoming a part of this community, I'm a member of several automotive forums and have found the amount of information and help from other members to be invaluable. I'm sure I'll have a similar experience here. Almost half way through my 12 hour shift, then it's home to shovel snow and get back on that bag.
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                Welcome Stash - nice setup!
                I found that it's nice to have a light, larger bag (i.e: one of the red or brown Everlast 4214's that you can find relatively inexpensively on EBay every once in a while) to practice the more difficult combos with slowly. It'll be your best friend the day you're stuck on something - a helpful learning tool.

                Again - welcome. Good application for Ebony stain!


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