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Speedbagskunk and Miss skunk on 1 bag!!!!

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  • Speedbagskunk and Miss skunk on 1 bag!!!!

    Me and erin wanted to see if we could hit one bag at the same time and found one way that it would work. And here it is
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    My girl and I do the same thing, except she hits it after 2 rebounds, I noticed your girl is making your reverse punch into a double: that takes more skill I think. I'll have to try it with my ol' lady...


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      speedbag for 2

      Great vid skunk! You're a pioneer and you found a way to involve the whole family. I think I've even seen your dogs get in on the fun lol! I've done a similar routine on the double end bag back in the amateur days, but I must give props that looks harder. I envy you and Billymack for involving your better halves. I'm currently building a platform for my 3 year old son. As soon as he does something worth viewing I will post it up.

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