My New Cleto Reyes from Ringside

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  • ebozyn
    Speed Bag Guru
    • Oct 2010
    • 500

    My New Cleto Reyes from Ringside

    You've gotta love these cleto bags. This is my first, but not my last.
    The cleto is a 7x10 med.
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  • jumpcannon
    Creator of the Powermill Evil Swivel

    • Jul 2010
    • 606

    thats the exact bag i want! i always thought bible style bagging should be done on a small or xtra small bag untill i gave my ringside medium a few sessions. now i think my future of speedbagging will be on mediums. easily controlled, not to big where they rebound and whack you in the face, and still have good speed to them. they are often overlooked i think


    • Speedbag
      Author of the Speed Bag Bible, founder of

      • Feb 2006
      • 7110

      That looks almost exactly like the dark blue Title 7x10 and that bag hits very well.
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