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  • Ball/Strap Swivel

    My camera was a liitle misdirected for this video, but it actually shows a pretty good view of the ball/strap swivel I came up with.

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    Interesting concept! No control issues?


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      Took just a few minutes to get used to, but I love it. That's the swivel I've been using for a few months now. If you use a pair of pliers to bend the eye out just enough to get the hook off the watkins ball/hook, you slide a piece of leather on there and you are set. Seriously, I will make a few of these leather straps and mail them to anybody that will try it. I'd like to see what you guys think.

      This one shows the actual punching a little bit better:


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        Aaron, is there enough of an opening in the eye hook to slip the loop of the bag in? That would eliminate the need for the homemade leather strap.

        I'm not sure that would be an improvement, but many you can experiment and see how it hits.


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          Hey AAD, Looks like your setup should'nt react any different than the typical ball/hook setups. It looks slightly longer is all.
          Also, you've got some very nice "Bagging Backdrops", from what your vids show.
          Is that a fighting sports 6x9 in your vid? How's the weight and balance on it. Do you have any other Fighting Sports Bags? Thanks for the post.
          T.J. MaTEE'[/U][/U] u:


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            The leather strap does react exactly like the ball/hook, but there are a couple good things about it: It can fit any loop to any bag, you can make the strap as long or short as you want, just depending how long you want the rebound arc to be, and the bag cannot fly off the hook, so there is no need to put a piece of tape on the hook. Performance-wise, I'd say they are pretty much identical. Not sure how much this matters, but i think the leather on leather connection may be a little easier on the bag's loop than a piece of metal.

            That is the Fighting Sports 6x9. I really like it, it is very balanced and very soft on the hands. I have a couple of the smaller Fighting Sports bags (white), and I like that one as well. One of them is just a little out-of-round, but the other is very balanced. The 8x5 is very light, so it does take a minute to adjust if you have just been hitting a heavier bag like the everlast 6x4. Overall, they are good bags though.


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              Looks like an interesting concept. Several antique swivels I've seen (an have) used a rope/cord attached to the ball.

              I have the 9x6 Fighting Sports bag also. Very nice bag.

              Great job on the swivel.
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                Originally posted by aad03 View Post
                My camera was a liitle misdirected for this video, but it actually shows a pretty good view of the ball/strap swivel I came up with.
                That looks like an awesome place to bag. I know this is a older video, but i'm seeing it for the first time. It's a good one. cool baggin', nice scenery, great camera angle, nice mirror effect off that drum, and that bag is one of my all-time favs. That swivel is shiny as hell, i like that. Great idea with the leather strap on the watkins swivel too. all around awesome video.

                Who wouldn't want to bag in a place like that.
                That would be an awesome place for a speed bag convention. Hang about 10 more platforms on that dock, have a BBQ. hang a fish on the swivel, throw someone in the lake.


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                  Interesting concept. I lived in Rockport Texas on the water for awhile. Texas is a great place.


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