It finally came!!!

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  • Odis
    Speed Bag Trainee
    • Jul 2022
    • 4

    It finally came!!!

    Ever see a 54 year old man act like a kid at Christmas?!
    It showed up in the mail today! (My wife just rolled her eyes and shook her head.)
  • Tim
    Administrator and Founder of

    • Jan 2006
    • 3427

    Nice! Great book. Mine is right next to the speed bag platform in the garage! Have fun!


    • Zaza
      Speed Bag Guru
      • Apr 2011
      • 2000

      Been there...Done only gets BETTER with age! (at least that's what I keep telling myself)
      Art of the Bag - A Speed Bag Story


      • dad
        Speed Bag Guru
        • Dec 2018
        • 475

        Odis, make sure you take the time to "ENJOY THE JOURNEY" We are all happy for you.


        • Mickey Dix
          Speed Bag Guru
          • Jul 2019
          • 342

          That’s great Odis you will definitely enjoy the speedbag bible!!!I recommend the dvd set also Alan takes the time to really explain and walk you through all the techniques. Most importantly have fun and enjoy the journey.


          • Speedbag
            Author of the Speed Bag Bible, founder of

            • Feb 2006
            • 7107

            Glad to see it arrived. Take your time. Speed bag training is a journey, not a destination. If you get stuck, remember, you have lots of support here.
            Speed Bag

            Put a little Rhythm in YOUR workout!
            *attendee: Every SB gathering so far!
            The Quest Continues...
            Hoping for another Gathering...


            The Art of the Bag


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