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    that was just the pulling rope thing I had been doing since seeing rocky as a kid. and it is a very fast bag. so, not skillful compared to others around here. but I was about to have shoulder surgery and it was all I could do.
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      Originally posted by rdshackleford View Post

      that vid was from the week before my surgery. They had me off NSAIDSs for 3 weeks before, and elbows down was all I could handle.

      In your x-ray, why does it appear that your clavicle does not connect to your acromion?
      Because it doesn't.

      That acromioclavicular joint has been purposefully re-sected twice, each time removing a tad of clavical to make more room for the acromium to raise up. (bone spurs, scar tissue. that bone end was burn/sealed with wax the last time to not grow spurs)

      That shoulder (left) has had four operations.
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        Originally posted by Speedbag View Post
        You back at it? NICE shoulder in your avatar. Here's mine...

        technology and procedures have really advanced since 2006
        That implant looks like the Tornier Aequalis. Mine is the Tornier Simpliciti. Tornier, the brand favored by speed baggers! lol
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