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    A lot of hours have been spent trying to get this down. I consulted the SBB in an attempt to notate abbreviations for it, but that will require more study.

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    Originally posted by Jim Walker View Post
    A lot of hours have been spent trying to get this down. I consulted the SBB in an attempt to notate abbreviations for it, but that will require more study.
    As I watch this over and over I see you are doing a "few things".., none wrong, just some different. It looks and sounds to me like you are really trying to do the REVERSE-SIDE DOUBLE PUNCH (R-SDP) which begins on page 103 in the Speed Bag Bible. Basically this is the mirror image of the SIDE DOUBLE PUNCH (SDP), for the only difference is the "lead fist". In the (SDP) the lead fist comes from the front as a Front Circle Punch (FCP), and in the (R-SDP) the lead fist comes from behind (reverse position)as a Reverse Single Punch (RSP). In both techniques, the 2nd fist is the Side Single Punch (SSP), and this fist sort of connects more to the side-reverse area of the bag. the SSP is closely related to the RSP and when you use one, you could also (usually) use the other. by altering the fist/elbow position.

    Anyway, What I see you (Jim Walker) doing is a lot of R-SDP, mostly using one rebound in between the RSP and SSP (Correct = RSP ' SSP) and sometimes two rebounds (RSP ' ' SSP). Yes this works but it does not create the technique. IMO those are two individual techniques with two rebounds in between. Techniques area actually created with ONE rebound in-between the parts. Any time the bag rebounds two or more times, it is a "combination", which you will see shortly.

    I took a few screen grabs from this video to demonstrate. IN the first picture (R-SDP) you can plainly see the "set-up" and the fists connecting RSP ' SSP.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	R-SDP technique.jpg
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    I created the second picture because you were clearly doing a Combination of a Front Double Punch (FDP) followed by a Reverse Side Double Punch (R-SDP). this is written

    FDP) ' ' (R-SDP). This two technique combination requires TWO rebound in between. BECAUSE, the second fist of the FDP hits the Front of the bag, and that fist usually passes to the back and leads the R-SDP from the behind the bag. Anytime the NEXT punch comes from the opposite side of the bag it requires and even (2,4) number of rebounds. (Rule of Rhythm #2).

    The bottom picture shows this FDP ' ' R-SDP combo in a L-R ' ' R-L fist order. You did that several times in the video. I've noted the fists and movements on the picture.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	FDP ' ' R-SDP combo.jpg
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    I hope the pictures come through this time....

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      Great video, Jim. I'm currently practicing side punches as well. I'm envious of your skill!


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        I like when anyone takes the time to post vids, good or bad. (this is a good one). Is that the Jim Bradley Pro speedball? That is on my wish list.
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          Speedbag, Thanks for the input! I appreciate the time you took to analyze the combination. I did not realize there were two rebounds until you pointed it out, so of course you are correct in that it is not a "technique". I was not trying to do a FDP at any time, but it must have turned out that I hit the front of the bag more than the side. My intention was that one fist only goes front to back and the other only goes from side to side. I did, however, switch their positions somewhere in the video. Attached is a SloMo version of part of it if that helps.

          And thanks for the SBB and all the videos. They are a great help.
          Rusty, Yes you are correct, and if you get one make sure it is the Pro version. The regular one is slightly smaller but actually slower and not as soft on the hands.
          And I would like to have an Arc.


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