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    Hey! My name is John and i started an account on the fourms today. I am a student in the 8th grade who got really inspired by videos about tricks and tutorials. Me and my dad both got really into Speedbagging about half a year ago and now have a speed bag in our garage where we bag every day. I think the speed bag skunk was the best influence for me in this hobby. I also want to learn some tricks. All I do now is just normal bagging, but I would love to improve.

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    Hi John, welcome. It's great to see a younger person become a member, and even greater that you and your Dad are into bagging.

    Skunk has influenced many people to begin bagging, and he is a great bagger for sure. Take a look at the video and hitting to music sections here on the forum to watch some other great baggers.

    If you and your dad are serious about becoming better baggers, the single best investment you can make is to buy speedbag's (Alan Kahn's) Speed Bag Bible and DVDs. Look here for the information.

    Once you two feel comfortable, post some pics of your setup and some vids of you guys hitting the bag.
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      welcome john to the forum, that's cool that you and your dad bag, hope to see a vid of you and your dad baggin at the same time...ralph


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        Welcome John MacGrath! You'll find anything & everything 'Speed Bag' here....and lots of people willing to help you out anytime.

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