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  • Day one punch drum

    My first attempt at punch drumming. Song is by Groove Armada.

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    Excellent! the real fun begins....Bag On!!!
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      Originally posted by Zaza View Post
      Excellent! the real fun begins....Bag On!!!
      Only now do I know what you mean. I have found a new love for music!


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        Originally posted by Speedbag Seaweed Man View Post
        My first attempt at punch drumming. Song is by Groove Armada.

        Looks good. Remember to let the SOUND of the techniques and bag rhythm be your guide, not so much trying to use a certain technique. A lot of time people will try to throw a technique when punch drumming when the rebound sounds of that technique don't really fit to the music or that part of a measure. Punch Drumming gets easier after you have an innate or automatic sense (understanding?) or the speed bag sounds and beat patterns of certain combinations. You will feel that beat pattern "coming up" with the music and let it flow. Eventually it won't matter where your hands are when you feel it, for you will be able to produce that beat pattern from pretty much any hand position around the bag. For instance, I notice you are doing a lot of Side Single Punch Split Fisting in this song, As well split fisting front and back. the beat pattern of that combo is the same, regardless of the fist position.

        For fun, notice at 1:32 - 1:47, You are using both SSP ' ' SSP and FCP ' ' RSP split fisting for a while, nice interchange between them. Now you can do those very same techniques but hit the bag harder and use four rebounds inbetween instead of two. You will still be perfectly on beat with the song but using four rebounds in-between will require a harder, more forceful punch, actually accenting the punch, adding an emphasis to your groove. I'd do that for about 3 or 4 punches, then change back to perhaps FDP or F-Roll or whatever, but you will have to "dead hand" the bag on the first punch coming out of the FSP ' ' ' ' RSP ' ' ' ' FSP..... because you will need to slow the bag down at that point. hitting harder to get the four rebounds require a faster bag speed, and if you go back to regular punching you will need to "bleed that speed" off the bag by what we call "dead handing" the bag, or letting the bag hit the fist and backing off the force. Sometimes you will just have to let the bag just hit the hand with no purposeful punch to bleed of the speed - especially when there is a big difference in bag speed between combinations.

        Might not make sense now but as you punch drum to more songs that will start to make sense...

        You're doing great. for me punch drumming is a lot more fun under the board.
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          Getting the feel for when the beat pattern is coming up in the music and when to initiate the combination is tricky. I have never played a musical instrument before so am learning all new things. I imagine knowing the music really well would help, as would re-playing a track over and over. But i'd rather try a new tune each time, I think that will be more beneficial to me, the punch drum addict.

          Today I hit to this song by Salmonella Dub.

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            Your video was a pleasure to watch and to listen to. first I watched it and then I just listened to it. thank you for posting it. I was surprised at how much I am learning about music on my speed bag journey I had never played a musical instrument either and I am always looking for a new or old tune to bag to bag on


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                Cool !!!!!!!


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