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Punch Drumming Video #2

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  • Punch Drumming Video #2

    Punch Drumming Video #2.
    This one has a Little "bad language" as they say. So lock up the kids.
    It takes me about a minute to get locked into this Groove, But then i'm good to go. I do mess up in one place a tiny bit. oh well. hehe


    Thank You For Watching

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    Since I don't really detect any discernable melody in this song it all sounds mostly on beat to me.

    I don't worry about misses. This is normally improvised and if you miss, you restart and move on. I used to punch take after take after take on the same song, not quiting until I got through a whole song with no errors. The ridiculous part of that is a lot of the better bag grooves I had were in one of the earlier takes with a miss. Eventually I decided not to worry about the misses. The miss and restart just emphasizes the fact that this is all improvised. That is also prevalent when you "kill the bag" (stop it completely) on purpose, then re-start.

    Good Job.
    Speed Bag

    Put a little Rhythm in YOUR workout!
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    The Quest Continues...
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    The Art of the Bag


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      enjoyed it, lefted a comment on u-tube...ralph

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