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Lost on you - jim bradley

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  • Lost on you - jim bradley

    Took a couple of tries to get it right.
    love the bag beat on this song....

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    Antwan you da Man!!! So stinkin good with amazing amount of variety! Those slow tunes are tough!!
    Hey i wanted to share to my post on IG but you're private. If you can make sharable I'd love to be able to show my connections your drumming!!


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      Appreciate it Kev, punching with music just turns everything off for a moment.
      yea my account is private, i like it that way!
      what i share on youtube (public) can be viewed by everyone...
      Keep punching you're a hell of a bagger!!


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        Antwan, once again you have taken my breath away. The way you choreograph the variety of the punches to the slower rhythm of the music was an absolute thing of BEAUTY. Please don't stop bring us these treasures.


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          What can I say, but "sweet".....


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            What can I say... love your punchdrumming! You GET it!
            I don't think people appreciate that punchdrumming to a slower tune/BPM requires MUCH more concentration & precision in both WHERE you are making contact with the bag...and the velocity that is required to lock tight to the beat. I love Slow-Baggin' .... every tune is a challenge.

            Bag On...keep posting those videos...they are a pleasure to watch!
            Art of the Bag - A Speed Bag Story


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