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A4 buoy water heavy bag.

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  • A4 buoy water heavy bag.

    This is my heavy bag. A4 buoy filled 3/4 the way with water. It's around 150 pounds. It hardly moves when hit, but it's easier on my bones than a traditional stuffed heavy bag. Everything here cost about 200 bucks minus digging the holes for post which was alot of sweat!

    I plan to add an outdoor speed bag platform to this in the future. Any suggestions to a speed bag that will hold up well to outdoor weather? Thinking I will put my Everhide Everlast outside as a test as it's cheap.
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    For any bag outside, I would drape a cloth over it when not in use. maybe an appropriately sized bag with a drawstring. and a metal swivel could use some protective oil.
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      Good advice. Reminds me I need to wd40 that heavy bag spring! I HIGHLY recommend a bag spring to anyone that does not use one. 10 bucks and it aids in the stress of whatever structure the heavy bag is attached to.

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