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    There was recently a post in the Speed Bag forum on speed bag size and weight, and there were some comments about a double end bag which reminds me I wanted to make a post about double end bags.

    I've been interested in the double end bag for a while but I know next to nothing about them. The only thing I know is from what I've read or seen some videos on them. I do have the Title Boxing double end bag video and I've watched it once so I'm not a total noob, just a half-noob.

    Can you do any kind of combinations or techniques on them, or do you just practice your punches, slips, footwork, etc? My boxing gym doesn't have any double end bags, but between my heavy bag, speed bag, and other stuff I have been accumulating, I'm starting to get a decent little gym in my basement.

    I haven't gotten all my gifts for Christmas yet, even though this is Christmas morning, there still is a decent chance I may get one because my list had a double end bag on it. If I don't, can anyone offer any advice as to what to look for? I'm assuming that Title and Everlast's quality is going to be comparable. I'm also assuming from experience and from the previous post that the larger bags are slower and smaller is faster, right?

    Anyone that knows anything or have used them and can offer me purchasing and/or setup advice, I would appreciate it.



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    Hi Cris,

    I am not a professional fighter by any means,however;I grow up fighting as an amature in my younger years. One of the first bags that I learned how to hit and manuever was the double end bag. I was told that the double end bag is considered in the boxing world as the smart bag. It is humanly impossible to see ever single punch that is thrown your way, the double end bag teaches you this. I trust that you are accomplished in speed bag workout routines. So lets assume you have good solid vision for rapid movement. Now, my advice to you is to buy the smallest double end bag with leather straps attached to the bottom and top. Everlast sells them. Theres no sense in hitting the bigger sizes it would be to easy for you. Now you have fast movement right infront of you , trust me you'll love it. Heres the part for training smart.The most common mistake is not realize the true purpose of the floor bag. Slipping and puching. Slipping is the key to setting up perfect oppurtinties for good angles and combinations. Make the bag attack you. When hitting the bag always stay as close as possilbe without standing square.Proper stance is a must.I found that running away from the bag defeats the purpose. If you become frustrated from constantly slipping to throw a punch hears a great training aid.Take a rubber hose and cut to fit your correct boxing stance. Make a circle out of it.Nail or place it down on the floor around the floor bag. Under no circustances are you aloud to step out of the circle until your trainer or timer tells you to , get it. Now you are constantley ingaging the bag. The only way to take advantage of the bag is to move and pivit form left to right around the bag. Don't forget slipping. If the bag catches you , use your glove to catch the shot and return with counter puching. Yes, COUNTER PUNCHING.
    Now you have a speed bag on wheels. Try a front jab , strait right hand , and left hook. sip to the left and pivit around the bag to get a lateral attach. You'll see one fast moving target and thats why you should buy one. Keep in mind that you can also use uppercuts , left hooks , over hand rights , jabs head butts to elbows and ect. Keep slipping the bag. If you need any help let me know, this bag will only make you better.


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      Yes, I am well accomplished on the speed bag and enjoy it very much. I can do nearly everything in Alan's "Speedbag Bible". I am working on advanced techniques right now, and while I'm far from having them down pat, I am at least consistent. To be honest though, my speed bagging has taken somewhat of a backseat at this point in my fitness regimen.

      I do want to learn slipping and to have the workout from the double-end bag and I certainly could improve my speed, but are you sure the smallest bag is what I want? I'm new to boxing but not bags, and although I want to improve quickness, and I love the workouts I get from the bags. BUT... I am 44 years old and I know that I'm not going to attain the speed of a 20 year old no matter how hard I try.

      I am enjoying sparring and my boxing classes and what I"m getting from them. Obviously I'm only interested in recreational boxing and the rush I'm getting from it. I never thought I'd enjoy taking a shot every now and then either. Maybe that's weird, but I'm not scared of taking a punch to the face like I used to be before I started this class.

      Ribbs, thanks for the outstanding advice! I didn't get a double end bag for Christmas so I'll be ordering one today.


      Looks like I'll be doing a review on a double-end bag soon!
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        Originally posted by Chris M View Post
        BUT... I am 44 years old and I know that I'm not going to attain the speed of a 20 year old no matter how hard I try.
        I've got my eye on one of these. I'm sure it's slow because it's a double and it's probably huge, but like you I'm not concerned with ultimate speed. Seems like one of these gives you the ability to shoot for the head or body, which might be a nice change of pace.


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          Hey Tim,

          I hate to burst your bubble on this bag. I have done some research on the peanut bag. Apparently it does not move very well and is really slow. I gues the bag is not well balanced. When you punch the upper end the lower end comes in towards youl. The entire bag should go away from you. However; I have not used one of these myself. I like the classic double end bag with the lower and upper ball. From the looks of it , it might move around a lot better.Hitting the speed bag like you do , you need some movement or you might get a little bored. I use the smallest professional black and yellow bag. Remember that you can adjust the speed of the ball by tightning the cord on the upper end and lower end of the bag. For me hitting the peanut bag would be like hitting the heavy bag with a little more movement. Like shooting ducks in the water so to speak. Just a sugestion! Jake!


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            Originally posted by ribbs View Post
            I hate to burst your bubble on this bag. I have done some research on the peanut bag. Apparently it does not move very well and is really slow..... Like shooting ducks in the water so to speak. Just a sugestion! Jake!
            I hear you man, thanks for putting your thoughts in, but I think that's what i'm looking for I can always get a varitey of double end bags and switch them out as the mood strikes


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              Sounds good!

              Yeah that makes sense Tim, no matter what you'll have fun. Jake!


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                I did get my Title DE bag last Friday and I've had a chance to play with it a little bit. The ceiling in my basement is about a foot shorter than a normal ceiling, so in order to get the bag at the right height which I think is about shoulder level for me, the rope to the ceiling is pretty short which doesn't give a whole lot of rebound. Is this particularly important? What I'm wanting to use the DE bag for is slipping practice, footwork, and improving my aim with my punches.

                I have already gotten to where I can do a couple of combinations like Jab, Cross, Hook, but that's about it, and I'm obviously way too slow with my hook because I don't have the time to do a really good hook. I guess that's exactly what I'm workig on I guess, perfecting the hook quickly.

                Any suggestions from anyone for working on the DE bag?

                Thanks a ton,


                EDIT, Ribbs, I just re-read your post above, you have some very good advice. I did or have been using it for slipping and quickening and perfecting my combinations. What I did was set my timer up for 15 (3 minute) rounds with a minute in between. I alternated each round between the heavy bag, DE bag, and speed bag, then started over. For the first 5 or 6 rounds I did pushups during the 1 minute rest period. After that, I was just too tired to continue with the pushups so I just rested. What a workout though! The DE bag kind of feels like a rest after a round on the heavy bag though. I'm still a noob at it, but it was a good workout!
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                  DEB and Speed Bag

                  These two bags, along with the floor mounted recoil bags (Reflex Cobra Bag) all work on the same basic principle of "recoil" or "rebound" and many of the Fist Punching techniques and combinations will work on all of them under the same method. By going slow and counting the (speed bag) rebounds or (DEB) recoils.

                  On the DEB, using one recoil instead of three will allow you to perform most of the speed bag front fist techniques (FSP, FCP, FDP and F-Roll) and combinations you can do on the speed bag, as well as the Outward and Inward Elbow Strikes. And of course the Jab will also work. You may notice how the angle of fist entry and angle of rebound/recoil also affects the next punch or technique.

                  I notice two main differences between the recoil bags and the speed bag. First is the sound. The board (Drum) of the speed bag is much louder and more distinct than the recoil sound. Second, the length of the recoil/rebound arc. On the speed bag the distance between the swivel and the board never changes so the rebound arc never changes. On the DEB, the length of the arc can change significantly, so the timing changes constantly. I don't find the DEB ever approaching the repetitive punching speeds of the speed bag, but the need to "get out of the way" (slip) the DEB makes it more realistic for ring work.

                  Each of them has their own 'style' and 'feel' for repetitive punching work and are equally enjoyable to use.

                  (Chris M: for your HOOK return, remember there is a point in every recoil/rebound that the bag can be hit from "any" direction, for it is straight (inline) with the recoil bands, spring or swivel. For that instant, the direction the bag is traveling doesn't matter. Your next punch, if it makes contact squarely, will redirect it in the new direction. try it slow, and build up speed).

                  by the way, the DEB and reflex bags are also very helpful for rehabilitation (Shoulder/Arm, timing etc.) activities.

                  Great conversation, guys.
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                    Duh! I never even thought of using the techniques I've learned on the speed bag. Instead, I was/am using it to work on boxing skills.

                    Thanks Alan, I really appreciate it!



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                      Is anyone aware of any links to video or info on double end bag workout routines? There was some good info here but it's always nice to see a video. I recently saw a bunch of heavy bag videos and I thought they were very helpful.

                      Thanks, Joe
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                        Originally posted by joec View Post
                        Is anyone aware of any links to video or info on double end bag workout routines? There was some good info here but it's always nice to see a video. I recently saw a bunch of heavy bag videos and I thought they were very helpful.

                        Thanks, Joe

                        Joe, I sent you a PM.


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                          Just go on youtube and type in double end bag


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                            Hi - I got one of the DEB for my birthday last night - I set it up right away and man was it a fun workout !! I was using the combos from the speedbag on it (slowly of course, since I just started my speedbag a month ago as well) -- it was tons of fun and a great workout too.... with the slipping and punching....

                            next is the heavy bag.... but I am sure glad I got the double end bag first...

                            Tim - you should rename the forum to the or bag forum....or old bag forum


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                              got video?


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