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    Achieve your fitness performance by measuring your fitness activity with out heart rate belt during your training session. The Qwave is an online application for professional use in sports testing, coaching, individual athlete and team performance analysis. You can measure your physical workload, daily stress reaction and recovery, effectiveness of fitness training and EPOC. You could read more on

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    Great online tool. There is a lot of good information out there. The down side is it can be hard to find. It can also be hard to locate accurate information. That is why forums like this are so great. Everyone can share what they have found.


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      Moderation to us means 3 sets instead of 4 or 2 scoops of whey rather than 3.
      can max squat 365 lbs and max deadlift 455 lbs. Here’s his previous lower body regimen:
      back squats 225 x 3, 275 x 3, 315 x 1, 335 x 1, 355 x 1, 365 x 1

      deadlifts 315 x 3, 365 x 1, 405 x 1, 425 x 1, 455 x 1


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        If you want to measure and track your speed bag performance over various levels then the Speed Demon is the way to go. You can get this at, Sold out for now but more will be available.

        There is NO other accurate and reliable monitoring device for measuring speed bag performance.

        Speed Bag

        Put a little Rhythm in YOUR workout!
        *attendee: Every SB gathering so far!
        The Quest Continues...
        Hoping for another Gathering...


        The Art of the Bag

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