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  • HARD CORE ... Who I am and What we're about

    Hi Folks,

    Just browsing around the forum and decided to make a post here to let you guys know who/what I?m about with regards to training. Myself & our group (4 guys) was 3 until a couple years ago, we have been training all of our lives on/off. However, the last 6 years we been very serious and what you may call HARD-CORE. So you could say I have a small bit of experience moving Iron, Sand, concrete, Granite, Wood, Steel and just about anything that?s heavy. I?ve recently (finished yesterday) building a rope climbing contraption in my back yard. I used 12 foot 4x4s anchored in cement, with a large rope hanging down with knots in the rope for now. Most of the implements we have designed ourselves. At this point I feel I can create a workout from just about any object in any place. I think It?s not about what you do but how hard you do it.

    If there?s anyone here interested in this sort of thing please post and if there?s anything I can help/suggest I?ll be glad to.

    Our training methods are drawn from a various hybrids of info from books by Dr. Strossen, Brooks Kubic, etc?and mostly what we?ve discovered ourselves.

    I know what we do works because the last fellow to start with us went from a 175lbs. squat to a 400+ squat. (Wayne) as seen in the attached in just 2 years.

    So just recently my training partner, Richard and I decided to step up our speedbag work for Strength and Cardio. Then I went looking around the net for info when I found Mr. Speedbag?s video on putfile and that just drove us into a feeding frenzy(amazing!), which was when I first started reading this forum. So, that?s it. Checkout the attached article there is a picture of me there?.my name is Paul and I'm from Canada.
    One more thing I?m also heavy into grip strength (lever, gripper, wrist work, thick bar..etc..), I wonder if this will effect speedbag work? Increase the load on the poor bag?I guess we?ll find out.


    & thanks for having me?.

    Buell XB12R
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    Natural Training

    Great story about your trainining and efforts.

    Here are some links that you may find relevant for "natural training" (basically, equipment free or home-made)


    (* Ross Enamait is a hardcore natural trainer and boxing instructor. Also a good online source of training information, well respected in the fitness world. He also is a believer in Kubik and Pavel.)

    Also a lot of "natural trainers" on that site, using homemade and original equipment.

    RossTrainining Forum, "never Gymless" book

    You might also find the activity called Parkour interesting.

    Video Parkour Sample. ( give it a chance. incredible stuff here..)

    Roof Runners

    (* key to this....: Health Insurance... )

    But absolutely exercise "anatural"
    Speed Bag

    Put a little Rhythm in YOUR workout!
    *attendee: Every SB gathering so far!
    The Quest Continues...
    Onward to SpeedB.A.G. X! Summer 2019

    THE 10th Year Reunion!


    The Art of the Bag


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      Welcome. I lift occasionally - I'm a big believer in the hardgainer methodology (Stuart McRobert). My favorite lift is the deadlift. Last summer I had worked up to 10 reps of 275 lbs for 2 sets, unfortunately I got sidetracked with some knee issues. I was also stiff legging 270+ at one point. Not sure when I'll be back in the gym but I've been keeping myself occupied with speed bag and ivanko super gripper work in the meantime (Just got the ivanko).

      A few boards I frequent are (mostly as a lurker): <- A lot of cool articles here, with embedded video on exercise technique

      BTW, it looks like the article didn't post If you send it to me via e-mail I'll make sure it gets posted:
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        Wow a Load of information! Excellent!!!

        Thank you vey much folks for the links, I will certainly check them ALL out when I get the chance.

        Parkour certainly seems interesting... especially the monkey bars...I like it....

        Tim, 275 for 10 rep is definitly impressive, not doubt you have a strong back. Most of my training the last few years has been focused on strengthening the lower back....but now I'm trying to work on arm and shoulder.

        thx...for the posts...

        Tim I'll email you the attachment...
        Kawasaki ZR550B
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          tim that's where my dead is at right now...i love deads...theyre great...


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            Live to Fight another Day

            HI folks,

            I'd just like to note that I am big on safety, I've had tooo many injuries over the years. So, my rule of thumb when training is if it don't feel right drop it and live to fight another day. Even though its hard when your fired up and ready to completely unload 150%.

            Another good one is not to get to caught up in the numbers....a small jump (2.5 - 5 lbs.) in weight is a success, progress, means your heading in the right direction....just like Rome .... one brick at a time....

            the way I look at it; I'm planning on training for the rest of my life and I don't compete so there is really no rush to get to a "certain" number in any given movement.....just to keep adding little bits.....for years....and years....




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              I added a link to the article in your original post... cool stuff... can't imagine a 4hour workout, I'd be wiped!


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                Originally posted by ryzies
                tim that's where my dead is at right now...i love deads...theyre great...
                Cool... I wanted 3 plates so bad, but it wasn't to be I may make another run at it this winter.


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