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  • Championship Speed Bag Belt

    I think...maybe...just for fun, at "SPEEDB.A.G. V" (and in honor of the NEW Real Gymm) we should have a speed bag championship. A free-form punching, friendly competition. No real rules, just a few 3 minute rounds of each entrant showing his/her stuff.... voting could be by ballot by those attending. Then we could have a Championship Belt (that stays at the gym) & we get pictures of the winners to display with it.

    Thoughts? I think it could be a lot of fun! There could be different catagories and we could use the SPEED DEMON for the technical and speed competitions?

    -Freeform/Fancy Punching
    -Most punches in 1 minute
    - ?????

    ... you get the idea.

    Lets use this thread to explore the might be a bad one, but it's at least worth a discussion. Please post your thoughts.

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    I'm in to the idea! I'm not of a competitive nature but I love the idea of giving everyone an opportunity to display to everyone else their new and fine tuned skills and techniques that they've worked on over the year. A competition to display free form and fancy punching seems like an excellent way to do it and I'm always in when it comes to punch drumming! The Speed Demon gets more and more interesting every year and I'm sure John will have some new form of torture come Speed Bag V......


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      That's a great idea - Winners for the individual categories & then an overall 'Grand Champion'


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        yeah may eventually attract more baggers for prizes and prestige. It would become very competitive especially with The Speed Demon. Run it just like a marathon with age divisions and punching styles.


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          Excellent idea.


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            I would like to name myself as "interim" Champ... Lol sorry but when and if it goes dwn I'd have no hope anyways!

            Sounds like a lot of fun and I'd love to attend something like that.


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              yeah may eventually attract more baggers for prizes and prestige.


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                I'm up for a speed bag 5. In NY. Win a speed bag, a platform, gloves, or clothes... I want something I can use.
                Don't buy your speed bag from the same place you buy your tackle box.


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